Sunday, April 14, 2013

Who is this Jesus? by Max Lucado. A review.

God yanks open curtains in dark rooms 
where we didn't even know 
there was a window. 
Max Lucado

Who is this Jesus? allows us to witness the Crucifixion and see the Resurrected Jesus through the eyes of Claudius, a young Roman guard.

Claudius was one of the guards set to watch the tomb that dark night that Jesus was buried.
He was one of the guards who felt the ground shake, who saw the light, who fell to the ground terrified of the angel who appeared.
Claudius was one of the guards who looked into the empty tomb, and trembled.
Claudius was one of the guards told to lie about what happened that night.
He is told that he fell asleep, and as he slept the heavy stone was rolled back and the followers of Jesus stole away His body.
Claudius knows it is a lie.
He knows that Something Else happened.

So Claudius goes to the upper room where the followers of the Lord are gathered.
And he tells them he knows this was no ordinary man.
He knew it when he helped crucify Jesus, who prayed for him instead of fighting and cursing.
He knew it when Jesus looked from the Cross with eyes full of pain and yet love for his tormentors.
Claudius knew it when he stood up, shaking, after the earth shook and the light shone and he found an empty tomb.

And Claudius is asking, Who is this Jesus?
The answer he receives for that question is the answer we all need to find.
I will not spoil the emotion of the ending by telling you about it.
I will simply say the ending is beautiful and so like our Jesus, to answer this seeker's question that way.

The paintings in this book are evocative and warm, bringing to life the confused faces of the disciples, the lamp light on the burnished metal of a Roman shield, and the final, tender scene.

Thank you to Worthy Publishing for sending me this beautiful book to review, and to the author and artist for writing and painting to Glorify the Risen One.

Look at the first pages of Who is this Jesus? 

 Max Lucado is a beloved author, who uses his gift in writing to inspire and encourage, sharing the message of the Gospel.  This is a book I can highly recommend to Christians of all ages. I would read this book aloud with children, and let them grow used to hearing the truths of the Gospel and looking at the paintings. I would give this book to a new Christian. I would give this book to a believer who knows the glory of the Resurrection. I am blessed to have a copy on my book- shelf.

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