Wednesday, May 29, 2013

An Interview with David and Kit from Seeds of Evidence!

Hello Readers! Today we are sitting down with Kit McGovern and David O'Connor, our main characters from Seeds of Evidence. If you haven't already read Seeds, then I hope this chat with Kit and David will intrigue you and make you want to know the full story... You can read my review of this amazing mystery right HERE.

Hi Kit, Hi David! Thank you both for being here! 
Thanks for the coffee!

Your story was so fascinating that I want to jump right into the questions, so here we go!

Kit, when we first met you in Seeds, you were out for run on the beach. You were supposed to be vacationing, yet you really weren't at rest, emotionally or physically. What had happened in your life in the months before you came back to the Islands? 
Oh, wow…long story. My husband had left me. That was a divorce I didn’t want, and I was crushed. Then I ran into some politics at work, and came out of the wrong side. I needed to make a change, so I transferred to Norfolk. But I still felt wound up. So I went back to Chincoteague, my grandmother’s home. It’s a small town on an island, and I’ve always found rest there. Something about the birds and the beach and the ponies stills my heart and connects me with God.

David, you too were supposed it to be taking it slow and healing in this wild, beautiful place, yet you seemed to have a restless heart. 
Without giving away too many details about your past {which is a story well worth hearing, told fully in Seeds}, you were a cop in D.C. What drew you to law enforcement? 
Y’know, I figured I was going to end up on one side of a jail cell or the other, so I chose to be a cop.
Seriously, I’m a pretty physical person. I was an MP in the Navy. The civilian part just followed.

And what drew to become a homicide detective? 
A homicide is like a puzzle, you know? You look at all the parts—the blood spatter evidence, the ballistics, the wounds, motive, means, opportunity—and then you put it together. And in the process, what you’re doing is finding the bad guys and promoting justice for the deceased. It’s a sacred trust, you know? They’re countin’ on you to find who killed them.

David, when you saw Kit there on the beach the morning that you found the beach child's body, were you torn between wanting to help and not wanting to go back to all of that again? 
Yeah, I definitely didn’t want to get into it. But there was this cute girl…no seriously, I had to help her. Everybody else was just standing around. And after I left the beach, my mind started working on the puzzle. But honestly, I kept telling myself to leave it alone. In the end, I couldn’t resist. (Actually, I couldn’t resist Kit.)

Kit, reading your story really piqued my interest in the FBI. I loved reading about how agents work to solve cases, and I really want to ask: What made you want to become an FBI Agent?  
I was going into law. My father and brother are both lawyers. But then, I’d always been athletic. I was a four-year tri-athlete in high school and played lacrosse in college. And as I started thinking about sitting in an office a lot of the time, well, it didn’t appeal to me. The FBI did.

Can I ask you what the hardest part of being an Agent is?
The hardest part is the stress. The job is very absorbing. It tends to eat up your life. A lot of relationships can’t survive it.

The best part? There’s a fellowship among agents. Yes there’s competition, but there’s also a sense that you’re a team working on something very important. 

I loved watching the way you two worked together investigating in Seeds.
Kit, if you had to use five words to describe David, what would they be? 
Impulsive, handsome, fit, smart, and funny. 

David, your turn: five words to describe Kit? 
She’s beautiful. Really. OK, you said five words: Beautiful, smart, persistent, attractive, and, I’ve got to say it, she’s a godly woman. Very spiritual. Is that more than five? 

David, I can't resist asking: From the moment we first meet you in Seeds, you have your iPod handy. What music was on your playlist when you came to the island?  
PearlJam, Stone Temple Pilots, early Linkin Park, MuteMath

And what is on that playlist now? :-) 
MuteMath, Skillet, P.O.D., Mumford & Sons

And now a very serious final question.
Kit, before finding the beach child's body, how much did you know about the darkness of human trafficking and modern day slavery? 
Not a lot. I mean, we learned about it at the Academy. But that was just one class. I hadn’t seen it before. I didn’t suspect that I was getting into a trafficking case until I was in it. 

Is there anything you really want us to understand about this evil by the time we finish Seeds?
Look, this is really awful. People’s lives are being stolen. Those people we found, they were helpless. They were afraid, they were scared to death of ICE, they were scared of their captors. Right here, in the United States, they were enslaved. That’s terrible. 
And there are other kinds of trafficking, too. Sex trafficking, for example. Did you know that young teens are being tricked into becoming prostitutes by older men who befriend them? Middle class girls! In America!
God cares about injustice. He created these people and they deserve a chance at life. Trafficking is an abuse. I’m glad we could put some perpetrators out of business.
        Thank you both for visiting today, and I hope everyone will go HERE and order Seeds of Evidence so they can find out more about your stories and so they can follow the case of the beach child until it is solved. 
         It was wonderful to get to know you both a little better, please say Hi to Linda White for me! :-) 

I have to tell you, readers: This interview made my day. I was grinning from ear to ear for hours after visiting with Kit and David. This, talking to authors and characters, is the best part of book reviewing. 


  1. Hey, Faith, thanks for interviewing us! I hope everyone will read "Seeds..." now, our first adventure together, and see how God worked in some pretty tough circumstances to bring Kit and me together. -- David

    1. I hope so too! You two have such a good story to tell, I want everyone read it! And interviewing you both was fantastic. Thank you both for coming!

      I am seriously hoping that a mystery will find you and Kit again.... ;-)