Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bloody Point.

   Did you ever read a book and say "If this author has written anything else, I need to read it!"?

I did. Two weeks ago I received Seeds of Evidence, Linda J. White's superb mystery novel, from Pump up Your Book tours. I read it in one day {I began re-reading it again right away the next day} and made the above comment: "If this author has written anything else, I need to read it!"  So my reading journey through Linda White's mysteries continued with Bloody Point, the story of young FBI Agent Cassie McKenna, widow of Special Agent Mike McKenna who died in an "accident" five months before the story begins.

Cassie has run from the past and closed the door on everyone who was part of her life before the loss of Mike. She has retreated to the peace of the bay and tried to lose herself in restoring a once- damaged sailboat.
Working in the sunshine and the salt breeze, listening to halyards clank around her and watching swallows skim over the marina has helped her let go of her job at the Bureau and all the tension that came with it.

She vowed to put it behind her and move on- one stroke of sandpaper over the sailboat's teak at a time, one stroke of the varnish over the smooth wood.
Until she looks up and sees her former partner standing over her, calling her back into the life she had left.

By this point the book would have needed to be pried from my hands...and in just a few more pages I was reading aloud...which is what I do when I have found a story that I Just. Have. To. Share.

Over the next 200+ pages, we follow Cassie through the twists and turns of a mystery that is hard to guess, and we follow Jake on a journey of another sort.
I have learned not to post spoilers, so let me just say Jake's story was one of my favorite parts of Bloody Point. And once you start reading, you will know why.

My final thoughts? Remember in Lord of the Rings, when Pippin and Merry threaten to lock Frodo in a tower until he writes out the full account of their adventures? If I could, I would lock Linda White in the tower with Frodo and beg for a sequel to this book and one for Seeds. Please? :-)

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