Friday, May 24, 2013

Deployed: by Mel Odom.


I was so happy to see Tyndale release Deployed as a free ebook right before the second book in the series, Renegade was published!
I thought Renegade looked really, really good... but I hadn't gotten a chance to read Deployed. Well, let me tell you: about three pages into Deployed I discovered that was reading a very good story... and I knew I needed to read the next book, and the next one...

Deployed begins with Bekah, a Marine reservist, getting into a fight with Buck Miller in an attempt to protect her friend Connie from one of Buck's drunken beatings.
Bekah wasn't looking for any trouble, but she is brave and won't back down when right is on the line. Even though Buck is heavier, drunk and wielding a knife, it is he who ends up on the ground in the bar's gravel parking lot, clutching his injuries.
Bekah ends up in the county jail, with a blot on her otherwise excellent record and accusations that her two deployments are taking a toll on her mental health.

After no good Billy Roy Briggs left her with a baby boy, Bekah joined the Marines to make a better life. She and her six year old Travis lived with her sweet, godly Granny and she worked slinging hash at a local diner to bring in money. Their small Oklahoma town offered no mercy and few breaks to a young woman like her, and being a Marine was Bekah's best chance to provide for her son. There was a catch though: each deployment took her away from him, and he was growing up before her eyes. And Bekah is about to be deployed again.

Mel Odom has written a great piece of military fiction, with real characters in the middle of intense action.
Bekah is strong and brave, as a single Momma and a Marine....
Pike Morgan is a great Marine, and he is also convinced that he is a bad guy who doesn't want to be trusted or needed by anyone....
Ralph is very young and slightly scared Marine about to deploy for the first time....
Marine Lt. Heath Bridger is tougher than he might look at first, and a sharp lawyer too.
These are a few of the cast of characters in Deployed. 
As far as I am concerned, we can't have enough books written that honor the Marines.
I am eager to read the other books Mel Odom writes about the USMC.


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