Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Five Days of Fear.


Playing with grandchildren at a family picnic should never have led to her kidnapping.
She was only trying to retrieve her grandson's baseball when she crossed the park toward the van with the men talking beside it. She never expected to overhear their words.... She certainly wasn't any threat to them! Yet in a few terrible moments, her husband was shot and Angie Britton was forced into the van, disappearing into the San Francisco sunshine with the kidnappers.

A day that seemed too perfect for this fallen world turned into Five Days of Fear. 

Jessica Britton, the youngest Britton daughter, finds herself sitting in the hospital where her father is in surgery, speaking with an FBI Agent about the efforts to recover her missing mother. Jessica is a very easy character to like, and she is a unique heroine for a mystery: a quiet-yet-strong 25 year old kindergarten teacher who loves her family and and her Lord.  Jessica is torn between the fact that basics of life must go on while the FBI searches, and the desire to help recover her mom. Jessica's faith and courage are about to be tested more than ever before...

FBI Agent Dan Hamilton is facing a case with no leads. Why would a Grandma in her fifties be abducted in a parking lot, with seemingly no motive and no reason?
Could she possibly have interfered with someone's plans?
Could these plans be terrorism?
If so, they are racing against time to find Angie and save more lives.
And you, the reader, are racing right along with them.

A mystery should reflect real life by being a balance of law-enforcement action as well as details about the character's lives and relationships. David Kovach's book gets an A+ : his characters are a close and loving family thrust into the middle of a terrifying crime. Five Days of Fear shows the Brittons in their darkest hour, yet instead of reacting in frantic worry, they draw together to support one another. Their trust and faith shines out to a world looking for that stability.

There is a good scene when FBI Agent Daniel Hamilton asks Jessie about how she stays so calm. She replies "Dan, I have failed miserably in my faith this week! I think I have been in a constant state of worrying these four days."
"So? It makes your faith real."
Jessica looked at Dan. "What do you mean?"
"I mean, it humanizes your faith. It makes it attainable for even me. I've seen TV evangelists speak of faith as if one were never to worry again, to never have fears- as if problems were never going to happen again. To me, that's so phony. If you never worry, if you never face a situation that causes you fear, where is the need to have faith in God?" 

This exchange was very thought-provoking, and gave me a window into the spirits of Jessie and Dan. They are people you will be glad you met.

With intrepid agents, intense investigation, and the story of a man and a woman bonded together through near-tragedy, Five Days of Fear is a novel to add to your mystery list.

Thank you to David Kovach and Light Messages Publishing for my copy of this book.

You can click here to read the first pages free!

Born and raised in California, Dave has a love for San Francisco—its blend of history, progress, scenery, and, of course, its cuisine, make it special. After a stint in the Air Force, Dave received his education at Cal Poly, S.L.O. and UC Davis—where he met his wife, Karen. They have two children, Scott and Jen, now grown, and moved to Iowa where the topography is part of the Great Plains, but the people are anything but plain.

While working a daytime job with the government, Dave began writing study guides in the evenings for the church they attended. After writing a few of these and learning some writing skills, he decided to try his hand at fiction. Five Days of Fear is his debut novel. Dave left the tentacles of government employment and now devotes his time to writing.

Dave loves landscaping and Karen loves gardening. They “have such felicity, that they seemed to be made for each other.”


 You can visit David at his Twitter, and his Goodreads page!

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  1. We're so glad you enjoyed FIVE DAYS OF FEAR by David Kovach! Thank you for taking the time to read and review the novel.

    –Elizabeth, Light Messages Publishing

    p.s. David recently hit the best-seller list at Amazon for Christian Suspense as well as Crime Fiction when his book was featured!