Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nearly Perfect Book Covers. {On Books I haven't read}

      Alright.... I was thinking today how cool some book covers are!
 And I decided to write a post featuring the nearly perfect covers on books I have not yet read. Of the books I have read, and Loved, I will forever be attached to the cover on the edition of the book I first read, and will never forget it. That is the way my mind works. :-D

Now, for the covers on the books I haven't had the pleasure of reading yet:

The Stars Shine Bright 
Sibella Giorello 
from Thomas Nelson 
I love the stars on this cover, they truly fit the title. The best part is the couple standing close together and the fact that they are in silhouette. The covers on the other books in the Raleigh Harmon series are equally awesome. :-) 

Into The Free
Julie Cantrell 
by David C. Cook
The lonesomeness of this cover, the fields, the dirt road, the hint of blossoms on the edges, all match with the mood of the title, I think. 
Her next book has a great cover too, once again it fits the mood of the title perfectly, 
"When Mountains Move." 

One Glorious Ambition 
Jane Kirkpatrick 
by Waterbrook Press
I love the soft yet sturdy look to this cover, the profile of the woman and the font used for the title  stand out to me. 

With Every Letter
Sarah Sundin
by Revell
This title is awesome, With Every Letter, and I like her downcast face, showing but not exploiting her exotic beauty. 

Forsaken Dreams
Marylu Tyndall
by Bethany House
The mist! The gown! The waves and cliffs! Escape to Paradise Series has a fine cover to start it off! 

Ronie Kendig
by Barbour 
I like the way Heath's face is not shown on this one, although on her third book in the series I like seeing Candyman's face with Timbrel's. In this one, the camo and his arm around Trinity are perfect for the bottom part and Darci looking kind of lost and alone is perfect for above the title. 

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