Sunday, May 5, 2013

Past Darkness by Laurel Woiwode

 Simply the experience of reading Past Darkness is a joy, the sort of joy that mingles bitter and sweet and sows the seeds of healing. The sort of joy that explores real life and human experience.

The powers of description that Laurel Woiwode has make this story come alive: Every sentence is sensitive and finely crafted. Hearing these words read aloud intensifies the setting, the emotion, and the characters, making this a book that should be shared with others.

I read this book, and then gave it to my mother, and then my sister. They agreed with me after reading Past Darkness... There is a sparseness and elegance to the writing, a depth and strength in Gabrielle's character, and a gentleness and honesty to the final scenes.

Laurel Woiwode is an author to watch, and Past Darkness is a book to add to your library.

 Laurel Woiwode graduated with honors from Jamestown College, earning a Bachelor of Arts in both English and History. She works with ESL students, writes movie reviews at, works on writing and editing projects, and is always ready for outdoor adventures. Laurel grew up in rural North Dakota, has had an avid interest in animals, nature, and literature since childhood, and she is the author of Past Darkness.

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