Friday, May 10, 2013

Pie, an Old Brown Horse who knows what he is doing.

If you have ever loved a horse, if you have ever known a little herd of horses whose personalities delighted you daily, if you have ever experienced that lasting bond between a horse and their person, if you have ever watched a horse help a child to grow up strong and confident, then you need to read Pie's story and savor all of this once again.

If you haven't experienced any of those things, then I need to warn you. There are side effects to reading this book. As you read you will experience an increased desire to be best friends with an Old Brown Horse. You will want to be soul mates with a wise, sturdy cow horse who knows what he is doing, a horse like Pie.

Pie is taken, however. He already has a soul-mate, whom he calls little one, (even though little one is now all grown up!)
Pie already has a keeper who loves him and cares for him... (she might have even helped him publish this book... after he wrote it, of course.)

But we can have the next best thing to going to the barn and feeding Pie baby carrots and seeing him in his handsome blue blanket... we can read Pie's recollections of life and his thoughts about fellow horses, his people, the places he has been and the events he has lived through!

How would a tough, smart cow horse feel if he were injured by a raging bull and left alone with his wounds in a little pen for a long time... and then one day is taken to a stable where he is surrounded by other horses of all dispositions, loved by people, and given a lot of new purpose?
How would he feel to suddenly have his own person, little one?
What would he do if he were sharing his stable with some real fruitcake horses... horses that don't even speak proper horse! (Now that might even be more annoying than those young cow horses that he always had to put in their place...)
Will Pie the therapy horse be able to help the children who come to ride with him? Will they trust this big, gentle animal and will they be blessed by their time together?

We can find out by reading Pie. 
And I suggest you do. All the wisdom of an old brown horse is distilled in these pages, leaving us with lessons on life and a very enthralling story.

Written in a way that brings Pie's memories to life, through this book we are able to experience all the happenings at the stable: from Rebel the dainty horse who was allergic to fly bites to RC, the huge raccoon that visited each morning and ate cat food.
I am very glad that I had the chance to receive Pie from Kandy Scaramuzzo to review, and I am happy to add this book to my family's library.

Thank you, Kandy!

Pie with his Keeper.

This is Pie, running in the spring wind.

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