Friday, May 31, 2013

Seeds of Evidence. Must Read Mystery from Linda J. White.

 I am a mystery lover.
 I know a great story when I read it.
 I know good writing when I see it.
 And I know that whatever Linda J. White writes in the future, I intend to read it.
 Consider this a full endorsement of Seeds of Evidence.

This is one of those books that pulls you in from the first page, whose pace requires you to read really fast to keep up, but you know that if you keep reading like the this the book will end sooner, and you don't want it to end.

In Seeds of Evidence, the mystery rings of reality and the characters ring of authenticity.
This is a book whose suspense level raises your heart-rate multiple times as you read.

The setting is Chincoteague Island, sister Island to Asseteaugue which is home of the famous wild ponies. Linda J. White describes this beautiful island in all its wildness yet tranquility: the egrets stalking in the marches, the smell of grass and salt, the fierce thunderstorms that roll in in minutes and the rain that falls in sheets. The crunch of oyster shell parking lots, the purple and orange sunsets.

The characters are superb and the spiritual theme is perfectly done. It makes me so joyful when a Christian book is written so well!

The Main Characters: David, homicide detective who was told to take a six month break after a shooting incident when a teen boy was killed and he was injured. David is still waiting for the scar on his shoulder to heal, and he is convinced the ones in his mind never will. He is "resting" in an old house on Chincoteague, working to paint its siding to reduce his rent, listening to his Ipod to distract his wandering mind and trying to relax and enjoy the kayaking and surfing that the ocean offers.

Kit is an FBI agent come back to Chincoteague on vacation, hoping to find peace if not answers after her husband divorced her in a particularly cruel way.

Kit and David meet on the beach on the morning a little Latino boy is found dead, washed up on shore. In his pockets are half a dozen acorns, and in his rolled up sleeves are tomato seeds. Strange, small seeds of evidence, that lead to a mystery by no means simple.

My review in two sentences? Read Seeds of Evidence. It is on my favorites list.

  Linda J. White is a journalist by day and a novelist by night. Seeds Of Evidence is her second published book, and is published by Abingdon Press.
I am now doing fist pumps, because her website says her next novel will be released in early 2014. I am now waiting for Words of Conviction. Standing by my mailbox. Hoping it will somehow come sooner. :-)
And go, right NOW to her website here: Home, and read about why she writes. Then go there again after you read this book and you will be agreeing heartily that she succeeded at her mission. To write great fiction.

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And one great interview Interview with Linda J. White

   Thank you so much to the great book tour service Pump Up Your Book! for getting me into the book tour for Seeds of Evidence, thank you to Linda J. White for writing this book!

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