Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stories from the Deer Stand.


Lets start with the cover. Steve Chapman's book Stories from the Deer Stand is adorned with a beautiful buck that looks like a deer my brother in law shot that got him into the N.H Skull and Antler club for body weight over 200 pounds. His deer was a ten pointer whose rack was webbed like a moose. Sure, I'm still green with envy. 

This book was fun to read. Chapter ten, called Borrowed Sorrow points out that there is no grace in life for what did not happen. "Each day has enough trouble of its own. Don't waste your time and energy on borrowed sorrow. Save it for the real thing!" 

Borrowed Sorrow. I see where I have been guilty of this, among my other sins. Stay in that blanket of security that Jesus Christ can offer, don't imagine the worst.

This book goes up with my other deer hunting books for a review in the Fall to pump up for another deer hunting season. Steve Chapman survived a fall from a tree stand. We all need to be more careful, this book serves as a reminder of that as well as a look at the joys of hunting and a taste of Godly wisdom. 

Review by Kirk Farrell, who received Stories from the Deer Stand free from Harvest House to review. Thank you so very much! 

Steve Chapman and his wife Annie love God, their family, singing and the outdoors. These loves shine through in their books, in their speaking, and in their writing, which can be found here at their website


One of the Chapman's many albums. 
Their tagline on their website is Harmony in the Home. How perfect is that for a ministry? 

"I love using the great outdoors to teach others about our loving Creator," says Steve. 
And Annie says, As a Mother and Grandmother, "I know I have an incredible opportunity to influence the next generation in a way no one else can do." They are right. Go on over and visit them now! 

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