Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Its Hard to Find a Special Cat...

"It is hard to find a special cat. Ordinary ones are easy." 

If you can keep from grinning, laughing and cheering while reading The Cat That God Sent, I want to meet you!!!

And if you have your own cat, you will be hugging him the whole way through.

The Cat That God Sent is about a young pastor, his lost faith, a small town, a smaller church, and a cat with silver fur and gold green eyes: A cat who has been sent by God. I knew this book would be a great read the moment Petey the cat was introduced. Sitting in the grass at the edge of the church parking lot, watching Pastor Jake and planning to bring him a nice mouse, Petey is committed to completing his mission from God.

I loved this book because I live in a small town kind of like this. I could see the town of Coulderport, Pennsylvania as I read this book. The convenience store, the gravel parking lot, the river, the fishing hole. The little church with the crooked steeple and the door that doesn't shut or open.

I felt like I knew the people- Vern, crashing around in his monstrous RV. Jimbo, tentatively asking the Pastor to go fishing. Elder Rudolph realizing that he is not alone on his faith journey.
Emma, the vet, who wants to know if anyone can believe what Pastors preach, and Tassy, the dear young homeless girl who knocks on the church door.
All of them with questions and a past, all of them needing to hear from God.
We have all been abandoned, Petey says, by everyone but God. 

Petey knows this is what he was sent here for. He was sent here to help them. And in an unforgettable way, he does.
My appreciation of this book is heightened because in the last year God has sent me a handsome stray cat with the mannerisms of Petey.
The little cat details were a joy to read about, because my Sam has them: Sleeping with his paw over his face, pushing his head into my knee, leaping effortlessly onto desks and windows. Even sleeping on my Bible.

And this book had me a little choked up at the end.
A great read! Bravo, Jim Kraus!

Thank you Litfuse for sending me The Cat That God Sent.

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