Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Hidden Son by Dianna Benson, Book One in the Cayman Islands Trilogy.

The first pages of The Hidden Son take you 91 feet down to the ocean floor, into a paradise of soothing salt water, white sand, colored corals and flashing fish.
DEA Special Agent Lelisa Desmond is with her best friend Rick Eaton, diving off the coast of the Cayman Islands. Nothing could be further from her mind than Rick not surfacing alive.
But that is what happens. Rick Eaton, experienced diver, is brought back to the dive boat in Lelisa's arms, already dead.

His equipment was functioning, wasn't it? He had no health conditions. The only thing that was odd was that during the camaraderie of suiting up for the dive, Rick had accidentally used her dive tank instead of his own. That should have nothing to do with his collapse, except that someone had poisoned the breathable air in Lelisa's tank.
Someone who had intended her to use the tank, to breath the air underwater and to be brought to the surface unresponsive.
Someone wanted her dead...and Lelisa knows who. The evidence she needs to bring this powerful person down once and for all is in a Safe Deposit box in North Carolina, and she knows she needs to get their- safe and fast. Both goals will be very hard to accomplish over the next several days, as her life is threatened in ways she never imagined and only one person seems worthy of trust...A RCIPS Inspector with a story and grief of his own.

Royal Cayman Island's Police Service Inspector Alec Dyer knows that Lelisa needs to be on the suspect list for her best friend's death, yet he also feels that there is truth in her statement of innocence... and he is willing to risk it all to help her prove it.
He only asks that she be fully honest with him...something she resists until it is almost too late.

My review in two sentences?  I got this book at 11:00 and looked up three hours later, having hardly put the book down, stumped by the mystery and intrigued by the complicated characters.
My question: How on earth to authors take their character to the end of everything, box them in on all sides and then let us watch as these men and women rise from the ashes?

That is what The Hidden Son does. If you think you have it figured out, you are wrong, and you will never imagine the end. Along the way this is quite a read.
I am very eager to see what Dianna benson writes next, in this trilogy, and then her other books after that.

Thank you so much to Dianna and to Ellechor Publishing House for sending me an autographed ARC to review! I am excited about the release of your next books!

After majoring in communications and a ten-year career as a travel agent, Dianna left the travel industry to earn her EMS degree.
An EMT and a Haz-Mat and FEMA Operative in EMS since 2005, sheloves the adrenaline rush of responding to medical emergencies and helping people in need, often in their darkest time in life. Her suspense novels about adventurous characters thrown into tremendous circumstances provide readers with a similar kind of rush.
Dianna is a lifelong athletic competitor and outdoor enthusiast in climbing, running, cycling and scuba diving and she loves to travel and read. Married to her best friend, she met her husband, Leo, as they walked down a church aisle in a wedding as a bridesmaid and groomsman when she was eleven and he was thirteen. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and their three athletic children.
In 2009, Dianna was offered a four-book publishing contract, but soon after that her husband was diagnosed with head and neck cancer. She turned down that contract to focus on their young family of five, and God carried them all through the surgeries and radiation treatments. 

"Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint." - Isaiah 40:31

Dianna's personal quote - "The grass isn't greener on the other side, it's just different." 

There is much more to read on Dianna's website, DiannaTBenson.com where this bio was taken from. You must stop by her Books page, HERE and read the plot summaries for her next series. They make me want to clear off my bookshelf now, for all nine books! 

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