Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Three Days of Seeds of Evidence!!! Day One: Kit's thoughts...

                         A Greater Treasure

I AM the rich, young ruler. Not because I have money or fine clothes or authority. I’m not even a man. Nor have I kept all the commandments except one. (Now that I know myself better, I doubt I’ve kept any of them.) It’s just because … 

I love the beach. Put me next to the ocean with the sun on my face, the wind in my hair, and the sand beneath my feet and I am free, as free as the seabirds that soar above my beloved Assateague Island. 

My life is intense—as an FBI agent I go head-to-head with aggressive criminals and sometimes equally aggressive co-workers. And then there was the divorce I didn’t want. How could I have been more careful when I picked Eric to marry? A strong Christian, an intelligent man—who knew he would grow tired of our marriage so soon?

His announcement that he was leaving knocked the wind out of me. I could not find my footing or my faith. I felt lost, overwhelmed, like I was drowning in a disorienting sea, all alone, abandoned.

 I retreated, as I always do, to the beach.

And that’s where I found the boy. The Beach Child. A little guy, just 7 or 8, washing up in the surf. Dead. Even more lost than I.

I had to know who killed him. And why. Who his mother was. And if she grieved.

I had to seek justice for my little Beach Child.

I had no idea it would be the Beach Child who would redeem me, who would show me the treasure I was refusing to give up, introduce me to David, and free my heart. I sought justice for the Beach Child; he brought life back to me.

I am the rich young ruler. I held onto my pain and my righteous anger like it was gold, worth more than the One who is justice. A dead child taught me to release it. And now I am free.

--Special Agent Kit McGovern

“Seeds of Evidence”

Thank you Linda J. White for sharing Kit's thoughts with us!  This is beautiful. 

Photo from Linda's Facebook page. 

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