Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales. Randy Singer's Latest from Tyndale.


This is my second Randy Singer novel. After reading The Justice Game, I knew I needed to read Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales! {Thank you Tyndale Rewards and Tyndale Blog Network for these two books!}
 Randy Singer is a master at creating characters who are down to earth ordinary and utterly fascinating all at the same time... reminding me that the people I see every day have secrets and stories. Landon and Kerri Reed could be my neighbors, Harry McNaughten could be the lawyer next door.
Once I met these people I had to keep reading, watching the choices they made and listening to the questions they asked, being pulled along by the story.
This book begins with two main plots that merge and intertwine... Sean Phoenix, former CIA Operative with his own personal reasons to have a hate-list, and Landon Reed, redeemed sinner and rookie lawyer grateful for a second chance.
These lives connect in Randy Singer's book, which most surely is a Legal Thriller. This book has kevlar vests, questions of ethics, snipers rifles, courtroom battles, explosions, and dead lawyers.

Randy Singer's book make a "thinking reader" out of you as you read... the themes are drawn so naturally that you can't help but think about them. Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales lets us think about innocence and guilt, defense and prosecution, truth and deceit. (As well as absorb a fine mystery.)

I will be adding this book to my read-again shelf, and recommending it to my Dad along with The Justice Game. Thank you Randy Singer and Tyndale!

If you want to know more about Randy Singer and how he writes, check out An Author Interview from Tyndale Media Center.

You can also read the First Chapter Free!

Randy speaking about Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales,

And Randy Speaking about The Justice Game. 

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