Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fear Has a Name begins with several scenes of fear.
A man dressed all in black methodically breaks into a home where a wife and two sweet girls are spending a quiet day. They run to the neighbor's for help, narrowly escaping a fate of who knows what. Meanwhile, the man stays in there house for almost fifteen minutes, until the police come.
What was he doing in their home?

The police rule it a burglary, after all he stole Mrs. Crittendon's jewelry. He will never be back, they say. It was a crazy man committing robbery for drug money.

Meanwhile, as the man was forcing entry into his house, Jack Crittendon, news reporter, was beginning to chase a story on a disappeared pastor. 
Beloved and godly Pastor Evan McDaniel left his house with many medications and apparent suicidal intent, says the first reports that Jack is given. Trace down the truth, Jack is told, and he determines to do so as soon as he  reassures and comforts his wife and children after their scare. 
 Jack knows one thing: God is the Crittendon familys' faithful protector, 
and God has appointed Jack as Pamela's husband and Rebecca and Faye's daddy. 
God will give him strength to defend these precious lives,
but surely there will be no need, the man is gone and won't return. 

But the man in black did more than just break in, and he never sold the jewelry for drug money. 
As Pamela calms down and begins to re-take her home, she finds strange and foreboding things: 
Jack was slashed out of their wedding photo and her Bible was stolen from their room. 

Equally perplexing, where did Evan McDaniel go? 
Why did he leave his dear wife whose love he proclaimed at every marriage seminar he taught? 
Why would he walk away from beautiful boys who adored him? 
As allegations swirl and revelations come to light about Pastor McDaniel, his life and his disappearance become harder to understand. Whom and what should Jake believe? 

When the identity of the Crittendon's stalker is discovered, it rocks Pamela's world.  
And the story behind the person should rock yours. 
May we never allow the truths of Christianity to be deformed the way they were in that household, 
where Divine law was twisted and human laws were enforced, resulting in a torturous upbringing 
that turned a man away from His Lord instead of calling him closer. 

And may we have the Grace of God to help those who are drowning in a sea of fear, afraid that their depression makes them less than Christian. May we grind the head of that lie into the dust and offer love and support to all the people like us: people who don't have it all together, who are frail, who can't be super-Christians. 

After shocking me many times through this book, (in a good way)
 something Pamela does at the end shocks me even more, in a very good way.  
Would you and I make the same choice? 

Thank you Creston Mapes and David C. Cook for my review copy of Fear Has a Name.

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