Saturday, June 1, 2013

Five Days in Skye....

Carla Laureano's debut novel Five Days in Skye tells the story of the unlikely romance between two people who are sure that real love is beyond their grasp.

She has settled with beating off unwanted advances from men, and he has settled with playing the flirt, never letting any woman past his outward demeanor.
Both have their reasons to shun love, and yet their time together will challenge those reasons, and maybe offer a road that leads home.

After a contract fails because the male client tried to demand "favors" from Andrea Sullivan, she is banished to Skye, Scotland to try to secure another high profile deal.
If this business trip is punishment, it is punishment in one of the most beautiful corner's of God's green earth.
Skye is so different from New York, and though Andrea resists its lure she finds it easy to stay here, especially when she meets Jamie.
When was the last time a man took her on a walk to see the sunrise in all its glory?

Jamie is James MacDonald, a famous chef who still finds himself eating cereal sometimes when he is alone. This "celebrity" chooses to spend his time in the quiet and lovely Skye, with a family that {for the most part} delights Andrea, and he has a heart underneath all that bluster. As does she.
But even when she agrees to extend her trip so she can fall in love with Scotland, is Five Days in Skye enough for them to realize that love has not eluded them both?

You will have to read this novel to find out.
If you are ready for a story with people who want to understand their purpose, who know both passion and past hurts, and whose lives point to a future together, then it is time to read Five Days in Skye. 

Thank you to Carla Laureano through David C. Cook and Netgalley for my copy of this book to review!

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