Saturday, June 1, 2013

Inciting Incidents

When people tell me their story, they are trusting me with something.
They are being vulnerable with me.
They are opening up their heart.
And there is nothing more beautiful.
I feel like I know someone once they have told me their story, even if we never met before that talk. That has happened, you know.
You meet someone, in a God appointed way. You begin talking.
They tell their story, and you begin to understand.
And then maybe you tell yours because you know they will treat your story carefully.
And there are a lot of people who have written about that experience of trusting someone with your story.

Naomi Zacharias comes to mind, in her book The Scent of Water: Grace for Every Kind of Broken. She told us stories from men and women all over the globe, and she told her own story.

And Scott McClellan in his book Tell Me a Story, whose book encouraged us to see life as a story and the story in life.

And now, Inciting Incidents, which is a collection of six stories. Six hearts are opened up in these pages, and the beauty of them is enough to make you weep. This book assured me that I can tell my own story, that I can be vulnerable and bring it all to my Lord who accepts me as I am.
To think that we hide our stories in shame, or try to polish them up and make them look all super-Christian. It is their raw beauty, taken from the soul and told in words, that makes these stories so powerful.
These stories reminded me of the difference between believing that you just accept the Gospel once, and believing that you live the Gospel. The Gospel suffuses these stories.

Thank you for sharing your hearts and telling your stories. You let me know that it was Ok for me to tell mine.

Thank you Moody Press Newsroom for  my copy of this book.

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