Saturday, June 22, 2013

Not by Sight

This is one of the best mysteries I have ever read, all the way from the cover to the last page.
Not by Sight is earnest, wholesome, and gripping, with scenes that I easily imagined myself in. 
Oh yes... I was right there with Abby. 
I could feel the damp ground, the darkness, the terror of being...
well, I can't really say where she was, but when you read it you'll understand.

I love the Cummings family. 
Hawk, 21, the eldest son. 
A sharp young man who has resigned himself to living without his father and baby sister...
even if his heart does a double take every-time he sees someone who looks like Riley Jo or their Dad. 

Abby, the oldest daughter, age almost 16. 
Abby fell into the arms of her Savior six months ago and knows that all things are possible with 
Him. She is not imagining this little girl who looks so much like Riley Jo, and 
she is willing to step into the fog and walk by faith to restore their family. 

Jesse, age 10. This little boy is old enough to manage the hummingbird feeders by himself this summer, and has just discovered the God whom his Grandpa loves. 
This child's faith is going to help uphold the family in the fiery trial. 

Mrs. Cummings, who has mourned her husband and daughter for five long years. 
God seems distant and prayer seems purposeless, all she wants is closure.
Any reality that she needs to face would be welcome, in a heartbreaking way...
even confirmation that they are not coming home.

Grandpa Cummings, the godly man who leads their home. 
He is wise and loving, helping his grandchildren and daughter deal with their tragedy. 

And there is Angel View Lodge, a peaceful retreat deep in the gorgeous Ozark Mountains. 
It was Micah Cumming's dream, and his wife and children continue it in his memory.
  Every description of the inn and the mountains made me want to go there and stay. 
Thank you Mrs. Herman for sharing this favorite place of yours,
and making it a favorite place of mine through this story. 

I read all Christian fiction, because I love the way the authors grapple with spiritual themes. 
I have read a lot of books that explore belief and doubt in excellent ways, 
and Not by Sight is one of the most real. 
The conversations they have, the growth they experience, I loved it. 
(The inclusion of the guardian angel theme was so cool,
 because I do believe that the angels of the Lord surround those He loves!) 

In short, THANK you Mrs. Herman for your sweet surprise gift of this novel. 
I wanted to tell the world how good it is, so I wrote these thoughts. 
Thank you again for writing this book.
I can't wait for the rest of the trilogy. 


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