Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Stalking Willow by Fay Lamb.

Fay Lamb's tagline for this book could easily be "Twists and Turns to Transformation!"

Stalking Willow has more twists and turns than a climbing clematis vine, and the flower of renewed love and life that blooms in the end is just as beautiful.

Willow is the daughter of celebrities, and wants nothing to do with the spotlight.
She is running for her life after a series of dangerous events, pursued by a stalker who reminds her of his presence at will and hasn't yet been apprehended.
Hoping for safety, she flees to the only place that has ever really been home to her, a lake house that she hasn't returned to in years. She left there broken over her parent's choices and denying that she loved her childhood best friend. She returns, broken and bitter and finds her friend living there, still wanting to protect her.
Willow learns that maybe this place has always been her heart's home.... 

Quentin was her friend all those childhood years, and she left him with hardly a goodbye, yet he kept on hoping that she would be drawn back, and he kept a final gift she had given him as a symbol of his hope. She couldn't have put such detail and time into her gift if she didn't care for him, could she?

When she comes back, he searches for any hint that she missed him, and the first hint comes when she calls him by his old nickname. O yes, Willow remembers him, and indeed she needs him. Someone wants to scare her and hurt her. Someone is Stalking Willow
When Quentin learns this he vows that he will not let some madman separate him from her, perhaps forever.
He may not have been able to protect her from the deception and division within her family,
He may not be able to curb the animosity between people within their town,
He may not yet see what God will do to bring good out of a tragedy,
but he can try to help Willow survive this.

And readers get to follow Willow and Quentin in this story that merges an inward journey and an outward one, both coming to a resolution that surprises and impacts you for the better.

Fay Lamb has given us a story that deals with life honestly, and because she does the theme shines out, reminding us that bitterness spoils life's joys, and that God's will will be done.

Fay, thank you for sending me my copy of Stalking Willow, and thank you for stopping by for that interview at FoundaChristianbyHisGrace Blog I hope I have the pleasure of reviewing and interviewing with you again in the future! 

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