Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Brotherhood Conspiracy.

Prophecy, Intrigue, and Terrorism...
It all boils down to The Brotherhood Conspiracy.

This sequel to The Sacred Cipher begins with Tom Bohannon and his team back in the US, 
alive by nothing short of a miracle.  
His last journey took him underground and into an ancient secret, uncovering more questions than answers. Now, as he watches the dust rise from the rubble of the Temple Mount earthquake, 
there are even more doubts rising in his mind.  
The Third Temple, built in the caverns beneath the Mount, has been destroyed. 
Islam is pursuing the blood of the infidel, desiring to conquer the globe. 
Israel wants to reclaim the entire Temple Mount.
America's president is studying his Bible to see where this is all meant to lead. 
Is the end of the world being ushered in? 
And is there another message on the mezuzah...
a message calling Tom and his friends' names again? 

The message seems to indicate that not only was the Temple waiting to be discovered, 
but the Tent of Meeting itself, lost for over 3,000 years. 

Is finding, and restoring, this Tent to the Mount God's mission for their life? 
Or is this a futile attempt that will cost more than it is worth? 

Tom and his team chase the meaning of these hieroglyphics across the world, 
from Jeremiah's Tomb in Ireland to the Lebanese border. 
Their intense journey is one of geographical traveling, 
one of physical testing and one of ideological exploration. 
The message on the mezuzah forces them to consider the roots of Islam's Arab Spring,
 to evaluate Israel's plans to sacrifice on the Mount once more,
 and to consider America's foreign policy toward both Muslims and Jews. 

Although the timeframe of this book is July 21 to August 28, the story is told by drawing us back into several ages of history, 589 BC Jerusalem, 1937 Iraq, and 1978 Lebanon among them. 

After carefully setting the stage for the story in the first chapters, 
The Brotherhood Conspiracy  gains speed and action until the final pages. 
I was turning pages really fast... anxious to know how they would survive, and what it all meant. 

This book leaves you sobered as you ponder what is happening in the Middle East, 
what has happened historically, and what will/may happen in the future. 
This conflict in all of its brutality involves the souls and bodies of real humans. 
We need to be praying about that corner of the world, for sure. 

Thank you to the author through Kregel Blog Tours for sending me my copy to review. 

A journalist for 22 years, Terry started as a sportswriter, including seven years with the Sports department at the Philadelphia Bulletin. Moving to newspaper management, he was Editor and/or Publisher of newspapers in Pennsylvania, Illinois and New York. He then spent more than a decade as Vice President of Operations for a Christian ministry to the homeless in Manhattan. Husband to Andrea, father to four adult children, Terry's committment to his faith in Jesus Christ defines his roles as husband, father and servant. A lifelong writer, Terry may have adopted the Lower East Side of Manhattan as home, but he will forever remain a Penn State and Philadelphia Eagles fan.

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