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First, a big thank you hug to Krista and Litfuse for sending Anomaly: I really, really wanted to read and review this one! 

Thalli, named for the Thallium, the element with the number 81 in the periodic table. 
All humans created in The State had been named for elements, 
and she was no different, as it was meant to be. 
Nobody was supposed to be any different, 
anomalies to the careful design were not to be tolerated. 
Thalli knew this, as did Berkelium {Berk} and Rhenium {Rhen}. 
Everyone in Pod C, and in all the other pods, knew it as well. Yet Astatine {Asta} still became an anomaly and had to be taken away. That was when they were all nine years of age...the first time Thalli ever saw an anomaly and the consequences that being one brought. 

It was not until she was seventeen did she begin to seriously display her own abnormalities. 
Thalli was the Pod musician, and when she played it was not only a beneficial function that calmed her Podmates' minds and increased their productivity, she played to let her happiness and grief loose in the music. 
Those things, emotions, where not supposed to exist here. 
Emotions caused conflict and conflict had caused the great desolation on the surface of the earth, where no one could now go. 
It was a strange, old parchment from a primitive ancient composer that whose notes, when she released them from her violin, where so achingly beautiful that her heart broke open and emotion poured forth. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring. 
Thalli didn't understand the words, but she knew what the music meant to her. 

And we pause as we read Anomaly and we praise God for creating emotion, for giving us the ability to Love, for presenting us with aching beauty, for the simple yet heavenly pleasure of looking up at the moon. We Praise God for His Son, for letting us know Him and call Him ours, for giving us His Word and His people to help us know him better.   

This world, where they hope for salvation-from-the-scientists, this hidden State ruled supposedly by ten enlightened men, this place where simulation can control the mind as easily as reality, it makes us pause and think about the meanings of things. Like every good story, your brain continues to wrestle with it after the book is "over." 

I am so glad to hear that Luminary: Book Two will be out in early 2014! 

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Why do you write for teens?
I love youth ministry. Always have. From the time I worked at the youth camp after my first year of college, I knew this was the age group I wanted to invest in. Part of that is because I was so influenced by my Christian teachers and youth leaders. They gave me encouragement, a kick in the pants, a listening ear. I wanted to do the same for the teens that God allowed me to work with. My husband and I spent ten years working with middle schoolers, both in Tampa and in Texas. Since we have moved back to Tampa, I have been able to work with high schoolers as a teacher at a Christian school. But, with a middle schooler in my own house, and two more close on her heels, that ministry is still there. I know how hard it is to be a teen, trying to live for God and make wise choices while being flooded with hormones that make you want to scream and cry and hug people – sometimes all within the same hour. I want to help teens find God and cling to Him during those years, to know that there are people wanting and willing to help them do that. And I want them to know that serving God is fun and exciting and incredibly rewarding. There’s nothing like it!

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