Tuesday, July 16, 2013

*Blood and Bone*

Two things make this book really stand out: the People, and the Adventure. 

So my brief thoughts on both will follow!

The people: Mainly Jack and Espy Hawthorne.

Years after surrendering Elisha's Bones to the soil of the Australian desert,
Jack and Espy Hawthorne are settled down in Ellen, North Carolina.
The fact that they live a relatively quiet life does not mean that they gave up their adventurous spirits, not at all! They both live for a new passion now, and have discovered a new challenge: raising a family!  Jack and Espy have two sons, Alex and Jim. Jim suffers with cystic fibrosis, and watching him suffer caused Jack and Espy to wonder if Elisha's Bones might help heal their son.
Instead of digging up the ancient bones and hoping that healing power would work through them, the Hawthorne's chose to trust the God whose Power sustains in sickness
 and works mighty miracles through of all space and time.
They left the bones buried, where they hoped no one could find them,
not even themselves to use for their child.

Indirectly, however, it is love for their sons that sends Jack and Espy back into the world of danger that they thought they had buried with the Bones....

Even without reading the first two books of their saga, I still cared about them and quickly grew attached to them as I read, which tells you how vivid and memorable
their characters were.

Espy really impressed me as a female lead: resilient, brave, strong, faithful,
and Jack is a very good hero: enterprising, resolute, willing to die to protect his family...and praying that he won't have to.

And the Adventure? Well, it is Adventure with a capital A.
Underground rooms, clues left amidst the tombs, secret societies with enough power and money to have connections in every country, the CIA and the Israeli Mossad
mixed up in the middle of it...
and Jack and Espy not knowing for sure who they should fight, who they should run from,
or where they need to travel next, just being led by the words and the evidence left for them to uncover at each step of the journey.
And all the while, the sand is draining out of the hourglass of time as they race to find the Bones and get their boys given back safely.

Thank you Don Hoesel and Bethany House for my review copy of Blood and Bone!
I think I need to read the rest of the trilogy now!

Don Hoesel was born and raised in Buffalo, NY but calls Spring Hill, TN home.
He works in the Communications Department for a Medicare carrier and hopes to one day sell enough books to just say that he's a writer. You can help with that by buying whatever his newest novel happens to be.

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