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*Blowing on Dandelions*

 Blowing on Dandelions: A Novel

    This story is honest about the shadows in life and yet shot through with sweet sunshine. 
It is as wholesome as a cool wind blowing over a green hill, 
and as lovely as the golden dandelions growing there. 

    Miralee Ferrell has told a story of family dysfunction and family ties, 
where we ache for the characters who are injured by other's words and choices, 
and we understand a little of what each of them is feeling.
None of them are wholly, intentionally evil and unkind, but each of them needs to grow
and change and learn to relate better to the others. 

    In short, they are all pilgrims on the Christian journey, and their companions as they walk in faith are their relatives: some of the hardest and the loveliest people to be with.

    In this story we meet Katherine Galloway, a widowed woman who has a heart full of love to give who tries desperately to be a kinder, gentler mother to her own girls than she experienced growing up.

    We meet her mother, and in Frances I saw seeds of character that aren't wholly evil, but she let them grow unrestrained and they wounded the souls around her.  Her sharp eye for imperfections, very plain speech about what could be changed in someone else's life, her constant measuring and sifting of the people around her, the habit of being easily offended and not easily apologizing for her own offenses... all these bitter weeds need to be cut out of the field of our character before they take root, or we will have a much harder time nurturing and then reaping any good relationships!

    We meet Katherine's two girls: Lucy and Mandy. Winsome little ladies both of them, and the eldest is growing out of childhood and becoming a young woman. It will take all of Katherine's wisdom and patience to guide Lucy through the upcoming years of transition, and her warm-hearted concern for her daughter was wonderful to observe as I read. 

        And then there is the father-to-son tenderness that we find between Micah and Zachary Jacobs. These two are precious characters. Micah Jacobs and Katherine Galloway have a lot in common: they both lost their first spouse, they both love their children sacrificially, and they may just find the ties of caring and love growing between them and their families.

        So yes. You need to read Blowing on Dandelions.  And I am blessed that I had a chance to receive this book, from Miralee herself (who signed my copy! Thank you so much!) and through Fred and Nora St. Laurent at The Book Club Network, 

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Miralee and her husband Allen have been married almost 40 yrs. They live on 11 acres in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge in southern Washington State, where they love to garden, play with their dogs, take walks, and go sailing. Miralee also rides her horse on the wooded trails near their home with her grown daughter who lives nearby. She’s an avid reader and has a large collection of first edition Zane Grey books, which inspired her desire to write fiction set in the Old West. When she started writing fiction Miralee believed that she’d always stay with women’s contemporary, but has since branched out to historical romance. Her first two books were women’s contemporary with Kregel Publications, The Other Daughter, and Finding Jeena.
Miralee serves as president of the Portland, Oregon, chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and belongs to a number of writer’s groups. 

She speaks at women’s groups, libraries, and churches about her writing journey, and has taught a both writers and library conferences.
Her fourth historical romance with Summerside Press in their Love Finds You series, set in Sundance, Wyoming released summer of 2011. Miralee is currently under contract with David C. Cook for a three-book series of historical romance novels, set in Oregon, the first of which releases in June 2013. It's titles Blowing on Dandelions. Some of her books have a suspense thread as well as romance, and three have a higher degree of action with a decided Old West slant. Her upcoming series will be somewhat of a women’s fiction/historical romance combination, with the emphasis on well-developed characters and plot.

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