Monday, July 22, 2013

*Chasing Francis*

Chasing Francis is the sort of book where the deeper meanings sneak up on you as you get lost in  reading the story, where your own eyes are opened because you've been seeing the world through the character's eyes.
This book is thoughtful and reverent, funny as all get-out, and oh-so-worth your reading it.

Every time I reached a line that really moved me, my quietly reading family would hear a sharp intake of breath and then a furious scratching of a pencil coming from the vicinity of my chair.

When I encountered a passage that required some meditation before continuing, my family would see me staring off out the window to the woods. My mind was expanded by this book...and hopefully my heart was too.

Some of the things that really resonated with me: the This-ness of Creation. The belief that St. Francis held, which Chase summarizes thus: "It's this oak, this tulip, this dog. A personal, unique God makes a personal, unique creation. Maybe if we saw the particularity of all living things we'd treat the world with more reverence and awe." 

The good reason why cathedrals and churches were built so large and extravagant and other-worldly beautiful: to remind us that when we worship, we step out of the earthly kingdom and into the heavenly one. When you put it this way, I can see where loveliness should be part of our Churches as much as we can make it...not to show off our money or power, but to create a space that helps people appreciate the loveliness of God.

And I loved the soul-deep descriptions of Brother Thomas, who had a peace and wisdom in him that made people want to confess to him and seek his counsel.
I would like to be a person like that someday, a person that people feel comfortable with because they can see Christ's light in me.

Thank you Booksneeze for sending me Chasing Francis to review!

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