Wednesday, July 31, 2013

*Cottonwood Whispers*

Cottonwood Whispers

(Cottonwood Whispers is the sequel to Fireflies in December)

Sad, sweet, and slowly maturing, Cottonwood Whispers gives us more of Jessilyn and Gemma's story. Meeting Jessilyn and Gemma again, now ages seventeen and nineteen, and being immersed in the world they discovered as they grow up enriches our own worlds.

Big questions are raised again in this tale, questions that leave you pondering justice, mercy, truth, and goodness.

In the middle of the turmoil, the Lassiter family endures the storm, reminding us of the unbreakable ties of  family tenderness and the self-sacrifice that comes with it.

Jessilyn and Luke's relationship is such an excellent example of a friendship that ripens into love...carefully, wonderingly, hesitantly, but surely. So often, first loves are dismissed as childish fancy, but when you see the love grow from a wholesome brother and sister bond, there is nothing more natural that a marriage coming about someday from that mutual respect and caring.

Once again, I loved this book. Now to read book three, Catching Moondrops. 

Born in Richmond, VA, Jennifer is the only Southerner in a family of Northerners, as is evidenced by her hybrid accent and love for Pittsburgh sports teams. Often distracted by an overactive imagination, she should have foreseen a career in writing, but as a child she only dabbled in short stories to entertain her friends. Her favorite books were anything Nancy Drew with a smattering of Trixie Belden thrown in, but even with a love for reading she saw herself being anything from scientist to fashion designer. Never a writer. 
Author Jennifer ValentInstead, it was a love for children that led her into nannying, a career she has enjoyed for the past fifteen years.
It wasn't until her mid-twenties when Jennifer decided to try her hand at writing for children, but the realities of breaking into the publishing industry made it necessary for her to try other forms of writing as well. She began submitting articles to Christian women's magazines and eventually decided to try writing a novel. A few successful freelance opportunities and the encouragement of a patient industry contact kept her writing and submitting her fiction to publishers.
Her fourth novel, Fireflies In December - a departure from the romantic comedies she first penned - placed in the semifinals of the Christian Writers Guild Operation First Novel contest in 2006. After some revisions, she re-submitted the novel to the 2007 Guild contest and won the prize of publication with Tyndale House Publishers. In January 2009 Fireflies in December released, followed by the sequels Cottonwood Whispers and Catching Moondrops. Jennifer's sincerest hope is to glorify the Lord by writing quality Christian fiction that will inspire, encourage, and uplift readers of all ages.

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