Monday, July 8, 2013

Fireflies in December

Fireflies in December went right through the door of my emotions and into my heart. I love a book that pushes me to tears, that makes me want to look up to Heaven and bless my Lord, 
that makes me want to hold my family, that imbues me with courage. 
Last night, that book was Fireflies in December.  

Oh thank you so much to Jennifer Erin Valent and Tyndale Rewards for sending me this book.
 I know that I want to read the rest of the trilogy: Cottonwood Whispers 

This is a powerful story, yet it is told softly, told with some of that wonderful Southern slowness. 
Jessilyn and Gemma's story sparkles like a night full of fireflies, 
and I loved being a part of it as I read. 
Jessilyn's voice telling this tale reminded me of my own thirteen year old self.

What a terrible thing hatred is...the poison of hate boiled in the veins of the Klansmen that terrorized the Lassiter family that summer, and how beautiful is the 
Love that shone in the hearts of Harley Lassiter and his wife and daughter.  

What a good read this book is!

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  1. This entire series is wonderful. I consider them a "Christian classic". Visit our blog August 1st to read an interview with Jennifer and enter to win an autographed copy of Fireflies in December.

    I can't wait to read more from Jennifer!