Sunday, July 7, 2013

Glimpses of Grace...

is a convicting, uplifting look at the way the Gospel saturates every nook and cranny, every moment of our lives. Whether we are single or married, whether we have children or not, no matter what out station in life is, one thing is certain: we Live and Move and Have our Being within His Redemptive Story, the Gospel.

Glimpses of Grace surrounds us with that truth as we read, 
and reading this book is a special blessing to the homemaker. 
It is easy to forget the Gospel in our daily lives...very easy. 
Gloria Furman shows us how the Gospel is fully relevant to every daily test and every severe trail that we experience. She uses parabel style stories of homemaking to point us to the 
Gospel jewels that have grown dusty in our minds. 
A crystal cake-stand that I would hesitate to use for holding peanut butter sandwiches to serve to small girls reminds me that God trusts my frail and faltering fingers with His Gospel. 
The tale of a childish fight that begins with "She hit me first!" strikes too close to my own finger-pointing heart for comfort. How often is that my defensive posture in relationships?
And don't let those two examples fool you: they are by no means just cute little stories... they are real-life happenings we relate to, and they are used to point us to the grand and glorious Gospel itself. 
Every page in this book is focused on the Gospel, every chapter is Christ exalting. 

This book is unlike many other books, in that it does not contain a check-list, and isn't about self-betterment. Glimpses of Grace is not about being a better Christian homemaker, it is truly about Treasuring the Gospel in our Homes. 
Gloria Furman is a beloved wife, mother of three young children, doula, and blogger. In 2008 her family moved to the Middle East to plant Redeemer Church of Dubai where her husband, Dave, serves as the pastor. She is the author of Glimpses of Grace and blogs regularly at The Gospel Coalition and Domestic Kingdom.
 Meet Gloria here: Why blog about the gospel and the mundane?

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