Saturday, July 27, 2013

*In Golden Splendor*

 If you are Irish or intrigued by the Irish people, if you love history, if you want to read a  story of redemption set in the fascinating Gold Rush period, then you need to consider reading In Golden Splendor by Michael Reynolds. 

   Four journeys intersect in this one tale: The journey of Irish Immigrants to the new lives they hoped for now that they are in America; the journey to the hills when the lure of gold took men away from good sense; the journey to redemption when a man saw new purpose looking back at him from the eyes of a woman; the journey to Love when the woman's kind heart opened to trust again.

   All these threads come together and weave into the saga of The Heirs of Ireland Series.

   Seamus and Ashlyn are memorable characters, drawn together through most unusual circumstances.
   Almost hopeless and near-desperate, Seamus witnesses the death of an Army soldier who was carrying US mail when his wagon went off of the cliff. After rescuing the one surviving horse, and doing the best he can to bury the body of the man, Seamus discovers a letter marked PLEASE OPEN IMMEDIATELY.
    Seamus finds a plea inside, a letter written from a woman to an Army Officer whom she refers to with fondness, yet she questions why the man has not responded to her other missives. The lady, Ashlyn, begs the man to come to California and help her find her father, who has left her in San Francisco while he pursues gold in the hills.

   The words in the letter beg for help from a man who obviously is not responding to his lady's entreaty, but it is the lady's eyes and face that cause Seamus to commit to helping her himself. Ashlyn included her photograph in the letter, and I picture the photograph as looking much like the one of the woman on the cover of this book.

Throughout the long and treacherous journey to Ashlyn, the lady he knows only by one letter and her face, Seamus treasures that photograph. Will he earn the trust of the lady he has become attached to? And can help protect her and help her in time?

   The other men and women whom we meet in this book are also thought-provoking, each in their own way. One of the characters is so very odd that the pages seem to turn all by themselves as you hasten to find out what scheme he will dream up next!! 

Thank you to B&H Publishing and Michael Reynolds for my review copy of In Golden Splendor !!! 


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