Thursday, July 4, 2013

Indoctrination: The Book.

To homeschool is to take a step on a narrow path. Jesus encourages us to Enter by the Narrow Gate....More and more are finding this narrow path, but homeschooling is still considered counter-cultural. Prepare to face skepticism, even criticism....In time, the blessings and fruit will speak for them selves: Happy, well adjusted (and yes, well socialized!) children who are not only smart but wise; close-knit families; and the joy and the peace that come from being obedient to God's Word. 
Dave and Kim d'Escoto

This is one of my favorite quotes from this book, found almost at the end.
It sums up so well what the home educating family feels.
What is so odd is that not too long ago, it was the other way around.
The idea of large, government schools with all the children separated by age, away from their parents for hours and hours every day, and taught things the parents may not always approve of, that would have made people wonder.
I'm not arguing for the superiority of old ways over new ways, after all I'm tying this on a Mac Book! I'm asking you to sift this newly accepted way of doing things,
and scrape beneath its surface, and study it.
Before you send the children God has entrusted to you away to the public school
to be trained, taught and discipled daily:
Do you know the founders of the public school and their ideologies?
Do you know how many of the men who wanted compulsory government education were
rabid Marxists and Statists?
Have you see the fallout of revisionist history being taught?
Have you noticed the culture drifting away from bedrock morality?
Can you agree that the education our children are receiving has helped (and will help) shape their value system and their worldview?
Does the age segregated peer group culture seem like a vortex that sucks your child in?
Does it bother you that information about abortion and sexual perversions are part of
"sex ed" classes?
Do you wish you had more control over what you child sees, hears, and is taught in America's school system?
Maybe you are one of those parents who wonders about how such strange things could have happened in our schools. If you are, I offer you this book. Study it, be educated by it, then make a prayer-informed decision about where your children will get the best education that equips them to serve God the most effectively.

Maybe you are the skeptic, who went through government school yourself and saw none of this reported darkness and underworld. The system works for the masses, you persist. For you I also present this book, and say that in the marketplace of ideas these must also be evaluated.
Weigh carefully and logically the words therein.

And the heart of the matter, for the Christian.
As Christian parents, how can our children be raised in the faith if they are immersed everyday amidst rival ideologies, all of which are accepted and assumed correct?
How can a child learn and love the Christ of Christianity if they are taught about Him one hour a week at Church and they are dogmatically taught humanistic naturalism five days a week at school?
Quite a few Christian parents would be delighted to know that all subjects, including math, science and geography, *can* be taught from a Biblical perspective. Children *can* be taught to take every thought captive to Christ through a Christ-exalting God-centered education.

Perhaps you home educate already, you know why, and you have the hope of a good harvest after all the planting, watering and tending. I pray that it be so for you, and I say that in my own education I would make no other choice, except to understand the reasons why we did so in fuller clarity sooner, and to enjoy it more as it went on.
Take that advice: enjoy the journey, and understand why you are on it.
The rain days when you are tempted to second guess yourself may be easier if you have
absorbed the contents of book like this...sometimes we need to be reminded why we are doing this unconventional thing!

Thank you to New Leaf Press for my review copy of IndoctriNation
I gave this book to a veteran homeschooler to read...she just
finished it and she was very much encouraged by it,
as well as educated.
I would also say that you will probably want to look up the documentary film
that Colin Gunn produced under the same title.
Both the book and the film have much information that we need to know!!!

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