Thursday, July 4, 2013

Prairie Song

Perhaps God had brought her- all of them- 
on this road for something more than just a long walk to a new home. 
She prayed it was so....
Anna's thoughts, Prairie Song

Prairie Song is a novel about The Lord who is God of second chances and a novel about the fresh starts He gives the men and women of the Boone's Lick wagon train company. 
Shortly after the War between the States, these pioneers going West 
carried more than cornmeal and calico. 
They carried heartaches and losses, 
memories of bloodstained ground and visions of empty places around the hearth-fire. 
Hardy anyone left those days of war unscathed, and none of the Boone's Lick company is an exception. As they set out West, each one holds their pain close,
 and each one manages it in a different way. 

Anna, her mother Wilma, and her grandfather are all that is left of her family... And though Anna
once hoped for a family of her own, that dream appears to be dead. 
Her mother's secret demands much of Anna's strength to keep it hidden, 
and the only man who has proposed to Anna is a dear friend yet  
marrying him just doesn't feel right.

Caleb Reger is a trail hand and wagon train scout, with a war-born shame that keeps him from 
returning to the family he has left. 
When Wilma's secret can no longer be hidden, she and Anna find that Caleb understands. 
Misunderstanding, grief, and the struggle to help addicted loved ones come between them again and again, but perhaps, somehow, they will reach the end of the journey having found that each other's love is a gift from God, and that change is possible. 

Prairie Song follows the stories of several people, and as their days pass we readers are shown the tensions and the friendships that wait for them on the trail. 
Join the Boone's Lick wagon train company and ride along for the journey West...
rumor has it that this is only the first leg of the journey, there are other books coming! 

Thank you Waterbrook Multnomah for my review copy! 

Married forty years to her leading man, Mona from Arizona lives in the Southwest where trees have arms instead of branches, rock yards replace lawns, and salsa takes the place of ketchup. When Mona isn’t writing or speaking at a women’s event, she’s playing Wii games with her Arizona grandson, spending time with her mom, picnicking, chatting on Skype with her grandchildren in Africa.
Visit her lovely website: Mona Hodgson Author 
And her Blog: Hindsight by Mona Hodgson | A Historical Novelist Muses

Mona is a speaker for women’s groups, Christian women’s retreats, book clubs and reading groups, schools, and conferences for writers and librarians. She holds professional memberships in American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), Women Writing the West, Christian Author Network (CAN), and Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA).

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