Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Whispers from the Shadows.

This beautiful young lady on the cover of Whispers From The Shadows 
is Gwyneth Fairchild, and she is a girl with a secret. 
Gwyneth saw her father murdered by a man she considered a trusted ally as well as a blood family member. Her dreams of a future in England, married to the dashing Sir. Arthur all lie in ruins now...with her father's blood seeping into her nightmares 
and his last moments haunting even her sunny days.
Colonel Fairchild's final order was for his precious daughter to be sent to America, 
to his dear friends Bennet and Winter Lane. From there we have our story: of Gywneth's sorrow slowly mending through the Lane's love and care, of war's tumult and of dangerous espionage that forces them to live on the edge of the sword, and of a ruthless killer who 
pursues Gwyn even to the haven that she had found in America. 

There is little that is more exciting than reuniting with a favorite group of characters and having further adventures together. With the first two books of The Culper Ring Series, the historical timeline (The Revolutionary War and the War of 1812) allows for this pleasure! 
For those of you who met Winter, and Bennet, in Ring of Secrets, you will be delighted to renew your friendship with them now in Whispers from the Shadows
In this second book, we find that Gwyneth and Thaddeus Lane are the main protagonists. 
Thaddeus Lane is a combination of his mother's sense of adventure and joy of living, and his father's love of knowledge and wise steadiness. 
Gwyn is an artist who sometimes speaks better through pencils or oils on canvas and paper, and speak her art does...straight to the heart of Thad.  
Underneath a terrible sadness in Gwyn's soul lies a spark of life 
that is still burning even after the betrayal and fear was forced upon her. 
The Lane's can't at first understand what is torturing Gwyn so, but when they do hear
the truth they must convince her that she is safe with them, and then that she can help them and their cause if only she can provide some answers about her father. 

Whispers In the Shadows is an excellent tale that could stand alone as a historical/spy/romance novel...but I beg you not to let it stand alone. Buy and read Ring of Secrets first then follow them both up with Circle of Spies when it releases next year! 

Thank you Roseanna and Harvest House for my review copy! 

I’m in the kitchen. On the stove is a relatively healthy dinner–chicken, broccoli, rice.
I’m fantasizing about the banana cake with cream cheese icing in the fridge.
I glance outside. Sunny. Good. A few minutes ago it looked kind of dark, and I have clothes on the line.
Downstairs I hear the kids playing. My husband’s keeping an eye on them, but I still keep an ear tuned in. I can’t help it. It’s the mommy-thing.
My brain’s trying to turn it into a scene from a novel . . . maybe even work it into the page up on my computer downstairs.
While the microwave hums and the chicken sizzles, I’m washing yesterday’s dishes.(Okay, a few from the day before that, too. But only the ones that wouldn’t fit in the dishwasher;-)
Maybe, if I wash faster than the chicken cooks, I can squeeze in a chapter of the latest Nora Roberts.
Only, of course, so I get back to my to-read pile of Christian fiction that I need to review.
Suddenly I hear the unmistakable sound of hard rain on the metal roof of my porch. Screeching, I abandon dishes and chicken and dash out to the line.
Rain pelts my shoulders.
The sun still shines brightly.
My clothes are getting soaked. And I pause with my hands on the clothespins to think, “Hey. I bet there’s a rainbow.”
What can I say? This little snippet defines me pretty well. I’m an optimist, always looking for those rainbows–even in the midst of my chaotic world.
God bless–and have fun!

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