Friday, August 9, 2013

*Carolina Reckoning*

There is an excellent cartoon going around that shows an author on trial, 
and a reader is standing before the judge saying: 
"That's the one! That's them! 
Their book kidnapped me and wouldn't let me go!" 

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I submit that that book may well be Carolina Reckoning.
Those who know me know that I love all things Southern and Mystery. 
Put the two together (think In The Heat of The Night ...what an excellent Tv show that is!) and I walk around with a smile that is far too big to be healthy. 
When I saw that Old Southern mansion and that big slow moon shining down on the cover of 
Carolina Reckoning, well, I knew I had to read it. 

And then when I opened the book, and found such a strong personality in both of the main characters, I knew I wanted to keep reading. 

In Mike Barefoot's opening scene, we find him in the grocery store. I howled with laughter as I read his thoughts. Mike is a homicide detective, and the law-enforcement mind is present in his inner dialoge. As he maneuvers his way to the frozen dinner aisle in search of a good home-cooked meal, he comes across two college boys buying beer: a frat party in the making, a toddler whose behavior indicates that he will be a serial murderer someday, and a mean little Granny who hits him with a can of beans: a tip-off that she probably has bodies buried in her backyard. 
See what I'm talking about? 

Meanwhile, Alison Monaghan is trying to re-imagine her life without her husband...the proof of his infidelity just came to light, and her world will never be the same. 
Soon those words, "life without her husband" take on a whole new and even more raw meaning...
he is dead. Murdered on a back road, his car pointing toward home. 
Now, with no closure as the leads all dry up, Alison must use her brave spirit to investigate her husband's death herself. The resolve and courage that she was going to need to rebuild after his adultery must now be used to find answers to his execution. 

And we get to go along with Alison and Mike. As they search for the truth about Frank Monaghan, they may just encounter the Way, the Truth and the Life HImself, as well as find the truth about God's plan for their futures. 

Thank you Lisa Carter and Abingdon Press for sending me Carolina Reckoning

Lisa Carter was always the child who made up epic tales involving prairie schooners or interplanetary voyages for the neighborhood kids to re-enact during summer vacation. Now as a speaker, vocalist, teacher and writer, Lisa shares her own journey of faith regarding God's sufficiency for every need. As a Southern romantic suspense writer--Sweet Tea with a Slice of Murder--she has definite opinions on serious issues like barbeque, ACC basketball and the whole Pepsi vs. Coke controversy. Carolina Reckoning is her debut novel, coming in August 2013. She and her husband have two daughters and make their home in North Carolina. When she isn't writing, Lisa enjoys traveling to romantic locales such as the Big Island, Hawaii--the setting for her next novel, Aloha Rose, releasing November 2013. She also enjoys quilting and researching her next exotic adventure

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