Saturday, August 24, 2013

*I Saul*

I, Saul

I, Saul is... 
An adrenaline rush, as we watch quiet professor Augustine Aquinas Knox answer a strange text message/phone call from a dear friend in dire trouble.
Then we watch Augie prepare a Smith and Wesson .9 millimeter handgun, purchase a flight ticket and head off on an adventure that like all great adventures, he never expected, which is full of turns and plot twists that we readers don't see coming!

I, Saul is...
 A look into the Apostle Paul's life, often told in his own words and always vividly described from Paul's youth to his adult years before and then after he was transformed by our Lord, all the way to his final days, when Paul overflowed with boldness in the Spirit as he was held in a terrible prison. 

In our day and age, we have lots of debate about whether Biblical writings are "authentic," 
about whether old-looking bits of parchments with unbiblical writings on them (about Jesus' wife, for example) are true, and the world is rocked with each new discovery.

Now imagine that the parchments that Paul referred to in his letter to Timothy still existed today, preserved in almost their exact original condition. Imagine that they were found... 
Imagine that the humble Professor Augie Knox, his best friend and mentor Roger- a man who knows the Bible and the places of the Bible better than the back of his own hand but has yet to know personal redemption through Jesus, and Augie's beautiful fiancee Sofia are what stands between Paul's preserved memoir being a gift to the world or it becoming a payday for corrupt and greedy people. 

Imagine that even stronger  than the adventure, of which there is a bucketful, is the theme 
of spiritual renewal, especially amid complex family relationships. 

I am delighted with this book.  
I am very grateful to have received a copy from the publisher to review here at my blog.
 {Hi Worthy!!! Waves hand at Worthy Publishing.} 

I am also in a state of terrible suspense, because the ending of I, Saul, while it wraps up this first part of the adventure quite nicely, also lays wonderful groundwork for a sequel.
So now I need to wait for I, Paul. Well, I guess I can tell y'all to read this one in the meanwhile.

 Author of more than 180 books with sales of more than 70 million copies, including the best-selling Left Behind series, Jerry B. Jenkins is former vice president for publishing and currently chairman of the board of trustees for the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. Jerry’s writing has appeared in Time, Reader’s Digest, Parade, Guideposts, and dozens of Christian periodicals. Twenty of his books have reached The New York Timesbest-seller list (seven debuting number one). 
 The Breakthrough, the final book in Jerry’s Precinct 11 trilogy, released from Tyndale House Publishers in September 2012.

James MacDonald (D. Min. Phoenix Seminary) is married to his high school sweetheart, Kathy, and both are from Ontario, Canada. He is the father of three grown children, two daughters-in-law, a son-in-law, and grandfather to five amazing grandsons. James’ ministry focuses on the unapologetic proclamation of God’s Word. In 1988, along with a small group of ministry partners, James and Kathy planted Harvest Bible Chapel ( which now has 13,000 people meeting at seven locations across Chicagoland each weekend.

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