Tuesday, August 27, 2013

*Man of God* by Charles Stanley

 Man of God: Leading Your Family by Allowing God to Lead You

This book should be handed out to every new father at the hospital.
We make sure that the man has an appropriate baby car seat before he drives his infant home,
how can we not ensure that he has practical, Godly guidance for the most world-changing work a man with children will do: fatherhood?

Of course, the principles in this book are not for fatherhood alone, but for every aspect of manhood. And these truths need to be pressed into the hearts and minds of men before they hold their first child, ideally before they marry. 

I shared this book with a friend who agreed to help me write the review. 
My friend was raised by a distant father whose actions bordered on abuse more than once. 
The wounds left by this sort of upbringing run deep and last long. 
The marriage and family she saw modeled before her as a child are nothing she wants to imitate. 

Reading this book was a part of the healing process for her... 
Sometimes she cried as she read about the tenderness a father should bestow on his children, 
of the steady love that should rule a man's marriage. 
Sometimes she was angered as she thought about the "men" who don't live for God and their family...they live for themselves, putting earthly priorities before heavenly ones, their worldview manifested in many different ways. 

But she was left full of hope after she closed this book...full of hope that men exist who know they are broken and hopeless on their own, who become true MEN, real MEN by living the way real men were made to: humble and teachable before God, following Jesus and leading their children after them after Him. 

And although it would be a wonderful blessing to be that man from the time your children are babies, so that they have memories of Godly men filling their minds, 
 it is NEVER TO LATE to become a man of God. NEVER. 
If you have breath in your lungs and access to one other living person, 
then God still has work for you to do for Him that only a Man of God can do. 
Your children may be grown.... but let me tell you, my friend would be so full of joy 
if she could see her father live out good, godly manhood in his next decades, 
even though she has moved out of his house, she still watches him, still thinks about him.
 Someday he will have grandchildren that he can influence. 
There are young people in a church in his neighborhood, crying out for a strong, 
solid Man of God in their lives. He could be that man! 
At 40, at 50, at 60, at 70! 

So young men, please, read this book. The world needs you out there in the years of your youth, living for Christ. Showing us how real men live: grounded in Scripture and overflowing with a loving, Gospel saturated spirit. 
And older men. Don't ever think it is too late to become a Man of God. It never is. 
It never is. 

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