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Orphan Train Bride

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Orphan Train Bride
By Teresa Ives Lilly

Book Description:

When Kelli heads west on the orphan train as a helper, she expects to return to the orphanage and live her life there as an old maid, but once she sees the town of Emporia, she desires to stay.  After overhearing a cowboy telling the general store owner that he is looking for a mail order bride, Kelli rushes forward to offer herself.

Will Carter accept her as his wife? Will he adopt the small boy who is left over on the train? and what is the underlying reason that Carter wants a wife? Is it for love? and when a natural catastrophe takes place, will Kelli and Carter's rocky relationship be able to endure?

It has been the most unusual and exciting day of her life, and Kelli couldn't help feeling a warmth spread through her soul.
"Thank you, Lord," Kelli whispered toward Heaven, "For giving me a home! A home of my own."

What would it be like to be raised in a New York orphanage in the 1800's?
What if you were a girl who had worked hard for nineteen years caring for your orphanage family, forming sisterly ties to the babies and younger children you tended every day?
And then what if you and many other orphans were loaded on the Orphan Train and sent West, traveling across the miles and stopping in towns where men and women waited for a child to take home.... but not you.
And what if you, Kelli Martin, aged almost twenty, were left unadopted at the last stop of the trip, you and one little boy with a brace on his leg?

Kelli and Charlie are the only unclaimed orphans left when the train makes an unscheduled stop in Emporia, Kansas. If no one in this town takes them in, they will be on the train with Sister Marter the next day, traveling back to the city where an uncertain future awaits them.

Could a young rancher be the answer to their prayers: A home for Kelli, a father for Charlie and a loving family for both of them?

Orphan Train Bride gives you a window into the heart of an girl whose life has been defined by her status as "orphan," a girl who learns she is so much more. She has a loving heart and a strong hope, and a Heavenly Father to lead her into her good future.

Trials and testing will come, as they did to (and do) to all pioneers, but together they can be a family where none of them are orphaned, widowed or abandoned anymore.

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About the Author:

Teresa Ives Lilly is the author of a variety of Christian Romance Novellas and Novels.  She also writes Children's Chapter books and has created over 300 unit studies that are used by both homeschoolers and the public and private schools. She lives in Texas. 

Pages: 202

Genre: Christian Romance Western

Publisher: Lovely Christian Romance

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  1. What a compelling storyline! Even more enticing to me as I worked for a number of years at a home for abused & neglected children.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!