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Rescued: One Family's Miraculous Story of Survival

A father, mother and daughter, flying in a small plane to visit a second daughter, crash into the wilderness of the mountains. They survive the impact, but all are injured. Rescuers must locate them and get them to safety out of that rough, dangerous terrain... 
The pilot and father, Brian Brown, understands the mission of the rescuers...he is himself a fire captain who has responded to many life and death situations. He knows he needs to keep a clear head and push through the pain to help save his own family. 

This story is told from multiple points of view... from the rescued and the rescuers.
I identified strongly with the rescued, the Brown family...three of whom were in the plane when it went down: Brian, his wife Jayann and their daughter Heather.
The emotions they went through grip you as you read, and I found myself praying  hard that my own family would be protected in their journeyings.
Their story reminds me just how frail I am as a human being. As N. D Wilson points out, we little people can't get too hot or too cold, we can't be left out in the wilds, we need water, we need food, we need sleep. Our lives are so fragile! Every breath I take is a free gift from the One who preserves our lives. I can't control whether I survive or not in daily life, never mind a plane crash! That their lives were preserved through this crash is a miracle.
Truly, this rescue was an act of God, working through brave men and women who give their all and yet wouldn't want to be called heroes.

The rescuer's accounts are amazing to read. From the dispatcher who took the 911 call that Heather was able to get out from the mountainside with her last bit of cell battery and a flickering signal, to the men that operated the helicopter hoist that lifted them to safety, these are people gifted in what they do, willing to sacrifice themselves to help another. 
I especially loved the chance to get into the mind of a firefighter, to hear a little about what drew Mr. Brown himself and several of the rescuers to this challenging, and rewarding, field. 

For these men and women, it's a calling. Their passion for this unique work, work that has the power to save lives while statistically cutting ten years off their own lifespan, pours out of this book. 
And like they say: Once fire-fighting gets into your blood, it typically never leaves.

Thank you Reader's Favorite for sending me Rescued: One Family's Miraculous Story of Survival  to review!

"Rescued really has many meanings as the book reaches out to a variety of audiences such as men, rescuers, pilots, firefighters, and families in crisis. For each group of people it will have its own meaning, but I feel it also shares my deepest meaning, ‘hope.’ In this true life experience, my family and I not only had our lives spared, but I personally feel as though my soul was rescued through true hope and faith in God’s work. I always believed in God, but now I am a child of God.”
Brian Brown, author of Rescued

Brian BrownBrian Brown is a Fire Captain with the Cosumnes fire department and a Deputy Chief for the Wilton fire district in California. He and his team respond to 5000 emergency calls a year. Brian and his wife, Jayann, and daughter Heather were in the War Eagle crash while his older daughter, Tabitha, awaited their arrival in Idaho. Brian and Jayann have been married for 29 years. 

Eileen ChambersEileen M. Chambers is an independent filmmaker and author of numerous nonfiction books. The daughter of a World War II U.S. Army Ranger, Chambers’ work often focuses on the stories of common people who rise to greatness through adversity. She is the owner of Montana Blue, a writer-friendly, audience-specific company that enables writers and filmmakers to develop their projects and reach their best audience.

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