Monday, August 19, 2013

*The Candle Classic Bible*

The Candle Classic Bible. Illustrated by Alan Parry

My childhood memories are specifically linked to two favorite Bible story books.
One was a girl's Bible story book, fat and pink, that specifically featured the ladies of Scripture. Each story had simple colored illustrations, with a tiny angel hiding somewhere, like in a sack on a donkey's back or up a palm tree. 
The simple, sweet way the stories were told and the cute pictures made this a favorite. 

The other is Bible story book is paraphrased and illustrated by the brothers Kenneth and Richard Taylor. The clarity of the stories in that book, combined with the illustrations, made that a book we read from four to fourteen and beyond. 

We took these Bible story books to bed for flashlight reading, to the beach on vacation, and into nests made of leaf-piles and blankets. My Dad read them to us, my Mom read them to us, then my sister and I read them to Mom and Dad and each other.
Reading with your children forges some of the strongest bonds and the happiest memories, and it is a great blessing to read together the stories of Scripture. 

The Candle Classic Bible combines colorful realistic-yet-imaginative illustrations with clearly written text, so that the reading experience captures both the eye and the ear. 
Big enough that it feels like a "lapful of a book" without being so big that it is heavy to hold, this edition is made to last for quite a while. Hardbound, with smooth pages. 

This book is also quite thorough. There are 365 readings, each about three paragraphs long. 
For an example: Genesis is covered in 50 readings, Esther has four sections to tell her story, and The Gospels are woven together through 75 days of readings. 

The Candle Classic Bible is a book I am glad to have on my shelf, alongside a collection of other good books to read to little ones.

Thank you Kregel for gifting me with my copy to review!

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