Friday, August 23, 2013

Viking Vinland an Original Saga by Gary L. Doman.

Mythic. Very mythic. 
That's what I would say if you asked me about Viking Vinland... 
This story has Viking history, which intertwined with Christianity as the Gospel spread,
 and a lot of Viking mythology. 
It is steeped in an understanding of both the history and the myth, weaving the two together. 

Reading this book sparked some imagination on my part: What would it have been like to be a 
Christian in the days of the Vikings? 
Just the setting alone would have tested you: icy water in the fiords, frozen lands populated with large beasts, and the Vikings themselves, some of whom clung to their old religions and fought ruthlessly to keep them.

Now imagine it from the perspective of a young Viking, who only admired Christians when they gave him and his renegades a good fight as he raided their ships. 
Now imagine that this young Viking is called into the mythic world, given a commission to kill a giant serpent, drawn into a prophecy where he will be aided by dwarves and battled by giants. 

The imagine that he fights his enemies and pushes on bravely at cost to himself, 
and he comes to the end of the journey, and he finds that he has not been called by the old "gods" he served, but by the One God who is Eternal. 

Thank you to the author through Pump up Your Book Promotions for my copy of this book

I am a self-described eccentric with, as becomes evident in my writings, an interest in just about everything. I consider myself a philosopher above all else, but what I like to write are tales of (somewhat erudite) adventure. My pen-surname, pronounced in the way that I prefer, rhymes with the French word for "novel": "roman".

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  1. Thanks for hosting Gary today. I'm glad you enjoyed his novella.