Saturday, August 17, 2013

What is The Point?

What is The Point? is a book for the pilgrimage. This book is not talking about a faith that we shine up and put in a display case to look nice, one that we clean up once in while when it gets visibly dusty and one that people admire and remark about how successfully we maintain our Christianity... No, this book is about a living faith, about loving the One who Lives, the Lord who is more Alive than we can ever comprehend, and who desires us to love Him with a living, growing love, the way He loves us.

What is The Point? is one of the nest books I have read this year. It is so good that I have a hard time reviewing it... I just want to highly recommend it.
At this point in my life, What is The Point pressed one main truth into my heart over and over as I read, the Truth of Revelation 2:4, 5. Even as a Born Again Christian, as a soul who has been washed in the precious saving blood of my Lord, my passion for God can fade if I let it.
If I begin consuming the world's delicacies, I will lose my taste for the Bread of Heaven.
I will get distracted by temporal things that seem so important, and aren't at all.
I will lose my joy in Jesus.
Over and over, I need to be called back to Him, my first Love.
And I can return, and be filled again with His love, and my Love for Him will be strengthened and restored.

What is the Point may seem like a small book, but it is solid, and I know that when I re-read this book, in seven months or in a year, there will be another lesson that my heart needs to learn, and the words in this book will help me.

Misty Edwards has been a worship leader at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOP-KC) for more than ten years. She is one of four permanent board members at the Missions Base, the head section leader of the Global Prayer Room, and the executive producer of Forerunner Music. 

 "I have watched Misty since her youth wrestle with truth and have seen her seek passionately to resolve the tensions of life and to better understand God. She is one who isn’t intimidated to ask the hard questions and one who doesn’t give up until she finds the answers." —from the foreword by Mike Bickle

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