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Beowulf: Explosives Detection Dog (A Breed Apart, #3)
The final book in the A Breed Apart Series. These three books follow the adventures of military working dogs and their handlers as they complete difficult missions in dangerous parts of the world.

The title comes from the lead dog in this book, a big, very slobbery, brave mastiff named Beowulf. Not only is this dog calm, cool and collected in a combat zone, he is preciously protective of his best girl Timbrel.

And Timbrel wants that protection... or so she thinks.

This was one of my Most Anticipated Books of 2014.
Thanks to Reader's Favorite, I am so blessed to have been able to snag an e-copy months early!

So why was this book on my Must Read List? Because of James Anthony "Candyman" VanAllen, of course.

He is destined to be one of my favorite characters of the year... probably of both 2013 AND 2014.

He's a tough guy with a heart of gold and a great smile. A Green Beret, he's brave and has proved himself in combat many times. He has a ton of personality and a *very* interesting tattoo. Can't tell you more about that 'cause it's a spoiler, but his ink-art actually sounds beautiful.

What first stood out to me was his sense of humor.
{That's what I usually notice first about people.}
He made me laugh all through Talon: Combat Tracking Dog. And when someone can make me laugh like his character did, I know I need to read another  book about them. But it was more than just his great sense of humor, his personality that stood out, and his confidence in a war zone.
It was his heart.
Candyman is confident in his faith, unashamed of his identity in Christ, and hopelessly in love with a girl who's walled in her soul to keep him and everyone else out.
Yet this guy just keeps coming, answering Timbrel's barbs with jokes, making her laugh, tolerating her big attack dog, Beowulf, and not backing down from anything she throws at him.

I would not have thought that a book about Timbrel, who really knew how to ignore/insult Candyman, and Candyman, who was such a pro at deflecting pain and infusing seriousness with humor, could be so emotional and deep.

This story intensifies because even very good-natured Candyman couldn't take an infinite amount of rejection. He couldn't absorb all Timbrel's hurt.
He was a steady, accepting presence in her life, and although he wanted more than friendship and he knew when not to push, eventually he needed her to choose whether or not to trust him.

And Timbrel didn't know for a very long time how much she depended on him: on him just being there "bothering" her and trying to charm her at all the wrong times and being his happy self.
And when she thinks she's lost him, she doesn't know what to do.

But if I say anymore I'll ruin the adventure of finding out what happens for yourself.

An Army brat, Ronie Kendig grew up in the classic military family, with her father often TDY and her mother holding down the proverbial fort. Their family moved often, which left Ronie attending six schools by the time she’d entered fourth grade. Her only respite and “friends” during this time were the characters she created.
It was no surprise when she married a military veteran—her real-life hero—in June 1990.  Married more than twenty years, Ronie and her husband, Brian, homeschool their children, the first of whom graduated in 2011. Despite the craziness of life, Ronie finds balance and peace with her faith, family and their Maltese Menace in Northern Virginia.
Ronie has a deep love and passion for people, especially hurting people, which is why she pursued and obtained a B.S. in Psychology from Liberty University. Ronie speaks nationally, volunteers with writer’s organizations, including American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and My Book Therapy, and mentors other writers.

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