Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dangerous Passage...

Dangerous Passage

A homicide detective trying to hold her life together while it all spirals out of control...
A caring medical examiner who wants to look out for this detective and help any way he can...
A case that draws them both in: Young Asian girls murdered, both victims found tattooed with a white flower. 

I received this book in the mail at noontime yesterday, started it in the evening, read until I absolutely had to turn out the light, and the grabbed it on my way down stairs this morning to finish it during breakfast.  I needed to know how the mystery was solved as soon as possible! 

Dangerous Passage is a perfect title for this book on many levels.... passage through physical danger, spiritual danger, passage to the other side of grief, loss, and pain, passage to a new life....

but I don't want to give too much away! 

The dark, twisted, respectable-faced-and-hydra-headed world of human trafficking is revealed in  Dangerous Passage, which is book one in the Southern Crimes Series

Avery, the detective, and Jackson, the ME, know that crime lurks on the same streets where the Southern charm blossoms. They know that profitable, squeaky clean businessmen can have dirty minds and blood on their hands. They know that the deaths of these young girls are connected, and that these deaths are not easily explained as an ordinary crime. 
What they find is a web of human suffering that spans the world... a web that is tragically growing larger. 

Dangerous Passage sheds light on the crime and tragedy of human trafficking. Every bit of light we can shine into this darkness needs to be turned on full force, and I applaud Lisa harris for taking on this subject. Reading this book should not scare us, but it should make us more aware and it should help get the victims of trafficking and those who are fighting to stop it into out daily prayers. 

Before we close this review,  I need to tell you that when you add Dangerous Passage to your reading list,  you need to add Seeds of Evidence by Linda J. White as well.
Linda White's book also pulls back the curtain and lets us see human trafficking's ravages through the eyes of compassionate, dedicated law enforcement officers. 

Thank you Revell for sending me this book to review. Thank you Lisa Harris for writing it. 

So why Christian fiction? Jesus shared primarily through parables and was one of the greatest story tellers of all times. Yet His words had far greater meaning then a simple story. This is my desire for my own stories. To not only entertain though genres like romance, suspense, and international intrigue, but to challenge, encourage, and ultimately share the love of Christ through the written word. To bring hope to a desperate world.

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