Wednesday, September 4, 2013

*Memory's Door"

Memory's Door

The very cool Litfuse Publicity Group sent me both the first and the second book in The Well Spring Series to review! (That was a really generous offer, because only book two was currently touring!)

I read and reviewed Soul's Gate, and my three word description of it would be Wild, Refreshing and Dangerous!
My one sentence description of Memory's Door is: This is a very adventurous story!

Y'all will be happy to know that this book continues the story of Marcus, Dana, Brandon and Reece, following their growth as Christians expressed within their family (especially for Marcus)  and their work (especially for Brandon and Dana) and further chronicling their journeys as The Warriors Riding. {Such a great name for them!} For me, the most profound theme once again centered on the leader, Reece. In this part of the Warriors tale, Reece must live by faith after losing his eyesight at the end of Soul's Gate.

Like all of us would do when we have a sudden and severe trial in our life, that changes our life, and seems to be in direct conflict with the promises of God, Reece asks for healing and thirsts for it.  He knows by heart the prophecy declaring that one of the Warriors' vision shall grow clear, and who could that be but him? He believes that God is going to heal him, and soon. He delays anything that may make it seem like he's acquiescing to blindness, such as setting up email reading software, even though it would enable the Warriors can reach him over the computer while he waits to be healed. His actions are thoroughly understandable, and that is what makes his story so good.

Reece also demonstrates faith by carrying his camera with him to the fire-pit every morning like he did when he had natural sight. One morning his healing might come and he will again be able to capture the morning light coming over Well Spring Ranch, etching the beauty into film.
Reece waits, with the faith of a man filled with the Spirit and yet the fragility of a man still living in this fallen world. Reece teeters sometimes on the brink of despair, and the warriors question how they can proceed without him. Yet proceed they must: The wolf exists and must be taken out, crushed.
This theme, that perhaps we may have to wait a painfully long time for an answer to that prayer, and that maybe God's prophecy of vision growing clear refers to a sight not involving the eyes alone, is so compelling.

Add that theme to a story that is reminiscent of C. S Lewis's The Last Battle, and you have a novel that is spiritually stretching. Ideas from Memory's Door and Soul's Gate are still making me think...and probably will be for a long time. These are books that you will want to re-read at different times in your spiritual growth and walk with Christ. 

What keeps you from living in freedom? Shattered dreams? Broken relationships? Fear? No matter where you're at, I believe you can find life-altering freedom. Getting there is at the heart of all of my novels. Let's go.
~ James

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