Monday, September 16, 2013

*Red Like Blood* Confrontations with Grace.

  Red Like Blood: Confrontations with Grace

I tend to learn best when someone tells me a story... 
and I absorb a person's wisdom and truth into my heart best when they tell me their own story. 

That is what Joe Coffey and Bob Bevington have done in Confrontations with Grace.
They have told their stories of life: of living without grace, of misunderstanding grace, of withholding grace, of receiving grace, of being totally renewed by grace, of giving grace.

This book is awesome. I say that because it did what the authors fervently prayed that it would do... it drew me to worship my Savior and King, to praise Him as I read.

These are some of my favorite chapters, with a quote from each one.

 Longing for Paradise. After explaining that the ache we feel when we are quiet and reflective is our longing for harmony, and that total harmony between God, Man and all of Creation is what the Hebrews meant by Shalom, he says "The ability to appreciate and experience beauty is a reminder that harmony is possible. Beauty calls to my soul and to yours. It says 'Look- harmony!'
We ache because the harmony is so lovely, yet so incomplete, so fragile and rare and elusive."

Incarnation. "When Jesus came, He came in a Play-Doh body. He got hungry and thirsty and tired and knew what it was like to get up in the morning stiff and sore. No other religion even suggests that God ever put Himself in the position to feel what you feel. Jesus spent thirty-three years attending to all the problems human beings have in their Play-Doh bodies before he went to the Cross to save their souls."

The Church: Of Block-Heads and Magnificence. "My point is that if our faith is filled with people who need a Savior, then our church will always be filled with people who are half-cracked."
"It is our cracks that might be the most important thing about us. It is cracks that let grace in. It is cracks that eventually show forth glory. Grace in and Glory out."

And I need to mention the amazing testimony that Bob has when he tells the story of his first wife, the adultery, and then his remarriage. As I read this testimony I said over and over to myself: God is in this, there is no way that this more-than-healing, this total restoration and peace and Christian love could happen between a man, his first wife, his second wife, and the children if it was not for God.
Truly, an awesome Gospel testimony!

Thank you to the authors and to Cross Focused Reviews for sending me my copy to review!

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