Thursday, September 5, 2013

*The Governess of Highland Hall*

The Governess Of Highland Hall (Edwardian Brides, #1)

Lets talk about the heroine of Carrie Turansky's new book! 

Julia Foster is about to become The Governess of Highland Hall.

Because Julia has been raised to see a person's worth in light of God's love and not in light of man's temporal opinions and social structures, she moves among all kinds of people with equal compassion and dignity. 

In India she loved and made friends with girls rescued from Hindu temple prostitution. 
In England girls of the same age tend to be either like Katherine: born to privilege and pretension (yet knowing grief and longing for tenderness under it all) or like Ann: born to servanthood and looking for a way out,  dreaming of a life as a beloved wife of a good man with her own little home. 

Julia's heart, that sees everyone as humans needing redemption with no one unworthy and no one above fallenness, is much needed at Highland Hall. 
It is a world where things are not always what they seem. There are "low class" gardeners who are reverent men of God with character like sterling silver. There are young ladies like Sarah, who has a spirit of gracious confidence and sees through the glamour of "high society."
There are lots of people at the estate Highland Hall estate all living life, which means that there are stories to be told, which means that once you open this book the stories will pull you in. 

The Governess of Highland Hall is the beginning of a promising series: I can't wait 
to see who the next Edwardian Bride will be! 
And this story wraps up with a fairy-tale ending.... 
and I mean that in the most enchanting way!  

Thank you Waterbrook for sending me my ARC copy through 
Blogging for Books! 

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