Wednesday, September 18, 2013

*When the Clouds Roll By*

When the Clouds Roll By (Till We Meet Again #1)

What a great name for a series: The 'Till We Meet Again Series. 
And what great story in volume one: When the Clouds Roll By. 

I could feel our heroine Annemarie's emotions from the very first scene, when a beautiful glazed vase she had been working on dropped and smashed as her father burst in the door to announce the Armistice.

Her joy was palpable as her father swung her up into his arms and danced her over the shards of pottery, exclaiming for all the world to hear that the war was over!

The moment changed as soon as Annemarie mentioned that a letter had come from their soldier that very day, and she admitted that she hadn't yet opened it.
The clouds began to gather in their sun-filled sky. Annemarie's hope was for a wonderful reunion with her soldier fiancee, Gilbert. Although she tries to hold onto the love they shared, each letter she receives seems more distant....and she understands why. Gilbert lost a leg in the war, and he fears he's also lost the man he used to be, the one Annemarie loved.

The most compelling part of this story is it's relevance for today: families are still trying to find the words, the actions, that will help a wounded soldier to come home and get well and strong again. Whether we call it shell-shock or PTSD, it is still with us. A new war, but the same pain.

As I read, I felt a little of what Annemarie must have been feeling as Gilbert {who still had plenty of life in him} spiraled into despair and pushed her away. One minute I wanted to smack him, to shake him out of his self-destruction. The next I agreed with Annemarie, as all she wished was to hold him and love it all away.

This story, When the Clouds Roll By, which is written with passion about a time period I haven't found in many books, around people whom I empathized with as I read, is an all-around winner.

Thank you Abingdon for my copy of When the Clouds Roll By 

Myra JohnsonMyra Johnson’s roots go deep into Texas soil, but after surviving five Oklahoma winters, she now enjoys the milder climate of the Carolinas. Empty-nesters, Myra and her husband share their home with two loveable (and very spoiled) dogs. Her debut novel, One Imperfect Christmas, was a September 2009 release from Abingdon Press. She also writes for Heartsong Presents. Her November 2009 release, Autumn Rains, won the 2005 RWA Golden Heart for Best Inspirational Romance Manuscript and was named a 2010 ACFW Carol Award finalist.

Myra is currently at work on a 3-book historical romance series for Abingdon Press. Book 1, When the Clouds Roll By, releases September 2013.

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