Thursday, September 26, 2013

*You'll Get Through This*

You'll Get Through This: Hope and Help for Your Turbulent Times
"We indwell the land between prayer offered and prayer answered. The land of waiting."

There is something exceedingly comforting about reading a Max Lucado book. 
He has a gift for dealing with very hard stuff in a very steady way.
As you read, you say "So someone else has been through this, and has gotten out the other side. They're alive. They're on their feet...maybe just barely, but they're getting stronger again day by day." And they you ask,"How?"
And the answer is God. And as you think about what's written in this book, the stories of God's provision and restoration recorded here, you feel a little-at-first spark of hope. God took care of them, He carried them through their grief, He never left them in their dark night of the soul, after months of tears they smiled again in a happy moment. And you think "My God will do the same for me."

The message is You'll Get Through This, and the stories inside are stories of people who did, people who know the God you and I know.

We have the story of Howard Rutledge, fighter pilot held as a POW in Vietnam, enduring time in the "Heartbreak Hotel" and coming out thanking God for His mercy, knowing how to "separate the important from the trivial, the worthwhile from the waste."

We have the story of Lt. Sam Brown. "Two years out of West Point, he was on his first tour of duty in Afghanistan when an improvised explosive device turned his Humvee into a Molotov Cocktail."
He expected to die then, and see the face of Jesus. He lived.
Max writes "By the time I met him three years later, he had undergone dozens of surgeries.... the pain chart didn't have a number high enough to register the agony he felt.
Yet.... beauty walked in. Dietician Amy Larsen."
Sam and Amy fell in love, and now they live out a God-centered marriage with a little son,
and Sam directs a program that aids fellow wounded warriors.

These amazing testimonies from today are woven through with the story of Joseph from the Bible, showing that the same God is active on His people's behalf today... that "You will never go where God is not," and that You Will Get Through This.

 Max was born in a small town in West Texas, the youngest son of an oil field mechanic and a nurse. He grew up in church but as a teen took a different road, walking away from his parent’s faith. One starry summer night, after downing a six-pack of beer, Max began to wonder if there wasn’t more to life than parties and chasing pretty girls. Not long afterward, a Bible class at nearby Abilene Christian University stirred his heart again, drawing the young student into the unconditional love of God.

Max Lucado’s first book, On the Anvil, was published in 1985. 2013 brings the release of Max’s 30th trade book, You’ll Get Through This (September), which beautifully illustrates Lucado’s ongoing mission to encourage the brokenhearted and to remind all readers of the healing love of God.
Max and family moved back to Texas in 1988, and Max has been a minister at Oak Hills Church ever since. Max and Denalyn have three grown daughters, two in ministry, one in publishing, and one son-in-law, also serving in ministry.

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