Monday, October 7, 2013

*40 Days of Grace*

40 Days of Grace: Discovering God's Liberating Love

"I guess that's why they call it Amazing Grace. This really changes the game. It takes faith out of the realm of sterile religion and puts it onto the muddy playing field of real life."

I gave this book to my friend, a woman who will typically choose a straight-though theology book over a day by day devotional. {Perhaps that's the ultimate test of a good book: when someone who wouldn't usually pick it up finds herself discussing what she's learning as she reads!}

These are her thoughts and mine as we talked about this book: I've always felt that I wasn't the person to read a devotional. I tend to want more than one small section a day, but 40 Days of Grace is meatier than a lot of devotionals. Once I got rolling with this devotional, I discovered that it is full of penetrating insights.

The stories Rich Miller told grabbed my attention and then the meditations on God's Grace and the manifold ways that He lavishes this Grace on made my soul sing as I read. I never understood Grace growing up. I still don't, not fully, but I'm learning. 40 Days of Grace will be a piece in the coming-to- love-and-rest-in-grace puzzle that God is putting together in our hearts.

These devotions are surprising at times, with an eye for the humorous, and make sense as they make you laugh! One was about snakes. He told a story about a snake he encountered. He explained that their is a healthy fear of snakes: avoid them, don't step on them, etc. Then he talked about irrational fear: believing that snakes were everywhere, all the time.
Then he talked about Holy Fear, the Fear of God.

Lots of the stories come from the author's life....I love it when authors do that, brothers or sisters in Christ opening their hearts and telling some of their story to me in their book. Some include quotes from other Christian thinkers, such as C. S Lewis.

I can happily recommend 40 Days of Grace to any Christian hunting for a devotional.
Thank you Kregel for giving me this book.

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