Monday, October 14, 2013

A Reluctant Courtship

A Reluctant Courtship (The Daughters of Bainbridge House #3)

Honore Bainbridge has been groomed all her life to enter "fine society." Unfortunately, she is finding that it is not so fine at all. In fact, the woman that "fine society" demands she become to enter is a poor specimen indeed.

Instead of the Gospel-motivated-gracious, Scripture-fortified-strong, love-in-their-hearts-lovely, put-a-tent-peg-through-an-ememy's-head-bold, Proverbs-31-industrious woman that the Bible unfolds before us, these females that Honore is supposed to impress and imitate are {for the most part} not worth the effort.

They are motivated by two goals: upping their social standing and snagging a man.
{The only thing you don't see is them striding over the moors with a snare-pole and a net, looking for unsuspecting male prey. And I wouldn't put actual hunting past many of them.}
They even kill off as much of the competition as possible.
With Honore, they aim their arrows at her tenderest spot: her reputation.

Although Honore is a woman who understands misplaced desire and heartfelt repentance and then sweet forgiveness, her peers have decided that her past has earned her a social shunning.

Yet Honore has something those women have not yet received.
Over the course of this story she learns the worth of life and love and puts those treasure on the line for someone she has come to care for. She finds bravery in a moment when she faces death, and she finds peace when her world had been stormy for so long.

A Reluctant Courtship is the first book I have read by Laurie Alice Eakes, and it has piqued my curiosity.

Thank you Revell for the chance to review this book.

Laurie Alice Eakes
Laurie Alice Eakes used to lie in bed as a child telling herself stories so she didn’t wake anyone else up. Sometimes she shared her stories withothers; thus, when she decided to be a writer, she surprised no one. Family Guardian, her first book, won the National Readers Choice Award for Best Regency in 2007. In the past three years, she has sold six books to Baker/Revell, five of which are set during the Regency time period, four books to Barbour Publishing, as well as two novellas to Barbour Publishing and one to Baker/Revell. Seven of her books have been picked up by Thorndike Press for large print publication, and Lady in the Mist, her first book with Revell, was chosen for hardcover publication with Crossings Bookclub. She also teaches on-line writing courses and enjoys a speaking ministry that has taken her from the Gulf Coast to the East Coast.

Laurie Alice lives in Texas with her husband, two dogs and two cats, and is learning how to make tamales.

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