Thursday, October 24, 2013

*Audrey Bunny*


This is the precious story of a bunny who fears that a smudge over her heart makes her unlovable, and of the little girl who loves her to pieces.

Audrey Bunny is such an excellent tale. This is the kind of book that little ones can enjoy now, and as they grow older and understand the lessons of love even more, this story will become more beautiful to them.

Angie Smith's writing is enchanting, and when you pair her words with Breezy Brookshire's illustrations, you have a treasure indeed.
Angie and Breezy have beautifully rendered the little details of this story.

There was more than one gasp of "Awwww!" as the pages were turned for the first time.
We see the stars outside Caroline's bedroom window, the curve of her sleeping face with her bunny cradled in her arms, the perky smiles that her classmates wear during show and tell... even the school bus driver looks cheerful and kind!

We laugh as we hear Caroline telling Audrey Bunny that she will find her a beautiful swimsuit to wear to the lake, and we understand the tears in Caroline's eyes in the final scene.

One of my favorite parts is a two page spread where Audrey and Caroline are pictured at play. They are adventurers, ballerinas, fine ladies sipping tea, nurses with play stethoscopes and bandaids.

This book sends a sparkle of delight over your heart as you read.

Thank you B&H and Flyby Promotions for my copy of Audrey Bunny! I love this book.

Please visit Angie's blog and read the story behind this book. Please read this:
Bring the Rain | The Beginning of the Story…

"I see His hand on all the marks that the rest of the world sees as accidental at best, as punishment at worst. I see the hands of a loving Father, touching that which we may not comprehend until eternity, all the while whispering, “It is for good, love…”
That is why this particular “secret” of the Audrey Bunny book is so, so special to me.
I hope it will be to you as well.
Please watch the video and hear how it came to be…"  

Breezy grew up in Indiana where she enjoyed, among many things, nature walks, reading, and drawing characters from her imagination. Being home educated allowed her the time to cultivate her interest in illustration. She was mostly self-taught in drawing.
Her illustrations bring a delightful purity to scenes of children exploring nature, delving into books, and enjoying wholesome family life.
Nurturing children with beauty, goodness and truth as it is only found in God’s Word is at the core of Breezy’s vision for her art. She is currently working on a few children’s products, and shares a home studio with her sister, Emily Rose. Breezy is a 22-year-old follower of Jesus Christ, and lives in Indiana with her sister and parents. 

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