Wednesday, October 2, 2013

*Examine Your Faith*

Examine Your Faith!: Finding Truth in a World of Lies

Examine Your Faith is a clear and hard hitting read.

I have some backround with apologetics, mostly from online and radio programs with a few good books added in so I know enough to be familiar with the more common terms, but I wouldn't need to know even that much to understand this book. Mrs. Christian defines anything you need to know so you can follow right along at your own pace.

Pamela Christian writes in a way that is simple and concise but never "dumbed-down," and she covers a lot of ground in one slim volume that doesn't intimidate a reader.

This is one of those books that invites reading. I read the first 83 pages in one sitting.
Those first eight chapters took me through a discussion of the reality of truth, the necessity that truth be absolute or not at all; the laws of logic, and a coherent analysis of relativism and pluralism in a chapter titles "Faith in God(s)."

Part Two begins with a very helpful summary of the origin and beliefs of Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Secularism.

When I picked up Examine Your Faith again at chapter ten, there was a summary of Islam and then a very good overview of Christianity.

After that came a chapter called "Faith Reconsidered," which contains five stark testimonies of men and women who had been deeply involved in  Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, New Age, and Judaism.
The accounts in this chapter form an imperative call to seek truth and not be entrapped in anything less than truth.

Then there is a look at evil...something that is on the one hand unfathomable as we look at the heinous acts committed by human beings, and on the other hand very personal as we look at our own lusts and deeds that we know are wrong.
Christianity offers the most sensible, logical and confirmed explanation for evil. It comes out of the fallen hearts of men and women. And Christianity offers the most comprehensive solution to that evil: complete transformation and renewal of men, women, and Creation through Jesus.

The last chapters focus on Jesus Christ. Who He was, what He did, and what all of that means to you and me. These chapters are an entreaty to consider the evidence, listen for His voice, and come to a saving, sustainable belief in your Creator and Savior.

As God said in Isaiah: Come, let us reason together. Though your sins be as scarlet they shall be white as wool....

Thank you Pamela Christian and Fred and Nora St. Laurent at The Book Club Network for giving me this book.

Pamela Christian Motivational Speaker  Early in my new-found Christian faith, with all exuberance, I told God I wanted to be known as a woman of faith.  Had I known then what my faith would have to go through for that prayer to be answered, I'm not sure I would have prayed it!

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